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Hilti Multi-Bay Charger C 4/36-MC4

Hilti just introduced a new multi port charger, which is awesome.  How awesome is it to be able to insert four batteries and let them charge.  No more running back and forth trying to figure out when a battery is finished charging and replacing it with another that needs to get charged.  Now you can just insert the four batteries and know that when you come back, you will have charged batteries, pretty cool.   OK with that said, let go over a couple important factors to this charger. Not sure if you know this, but Hilti has some...

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Ridgid Dual Battery Charger – AC840094

Well, it’s finally here, the Ridgid dual port charger.  OK, I should say the sequential dual port charger.  For those who are wondering, sequential means the charge will charge one battery at a time.  I know some people will be disappointed by this, but most chargers are set up this way for a couple of reasons.  It gets tricky when you try to charge more than one battery at a time.  You will either slow down you charging time or have to have a much bigger charger.  With this charger, it’s first come, first serve.  So which ever battery...

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Dewalt Portable Power Station Review

What does portable power mean to you?  For some people, it doesn’t mean much because they are never in a situation where power is hard to come by.  For the rest of us, it means freedom.  Freedom to run tools wherever you want and whenever you want.  The one problem with portable power is most of the time you need a gas engine to produce the power.  Having a gas engine means it can be noisy and is required to sit outside in the fresh air.  I am not saying generators or inverters are bad because they aren’t.  They...

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Milwaukee Battery – The New Power Source

As you know Milwaukee Tool has one of the largest 12V lines on the market.  Not only do they offer a ton of tools in this line, but they offer tradesmen’s specific tools.  With that said, it’s extremely important to not only have a reliable battery, but one that will last till the end of the job.  Now people can rejoice everywhere who have the M12 line.  Milwaukee introduced a new battery with more amps.  Milwaukee now offers a 3 Ah compact battery and a 6 Ah extended battery.  So what does this mean?  Simple, more work per charge....

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DeWALT DCA1820 18V to 20V Battery Adapter – Rejuvenation

Would you believe it if I told you the DeWALT still sells NiCad batteries?  They even still NiCad tool kits.  A huge chunk of the DeWALT user base is still or was on the 18V XRP battery platform.  If the tool still works why upgrade, right? DeWALT did offer a stick pack lithium that worked with most 18V XRP tools.  This was called the Nano which was their first foray into lithium.  It worked well, but soon it got over shadowed by the all new 20V Max platform. The 20V MAX had a better ergonomic grip, lighter weight it...

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