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Wagner Flexio 990 Sprayer

As you know I am not a painter, not even close.  In fact I hate painting.  When I heard about the Wagner 990 sprayer and how it made painting and staining easier, I figured I would give it a try.  As you can see by the video below, I started off painting my fence.  At first I was going a little too fast, but in a couple of minutes, I began to get the hang of it.  In fact it turned out to be really easy. I am not going to go into all the details about this sprayer....

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Campbell Hausfeld Paint Sprayer Model PS240C

If you are a painter, the one thing you know is for certain jobs an airless paint sprayer is key.  Makes the job quicker, saves on paint, produces a great result and in the end saves time, which means more money in your pocket. Manufacturer – Campbell Hausfeld Paint Sprayer Model – PS240C Average Purchase Price – $499   We haven’t been able to test a lot of sprayers, so when we had a chance to use and test the Campbell Hausfeld, we were pretty excited. We really wanted to use this on our garage project, but considering it is the dead of winter,...

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Wagner Power Painter Max – Review

I am sure by now you have seen the commercials on TV advertising the Wagner sprayer.  If not you need to be more lazy like myself and watch a lot more TV.  While Wagner dates farther back, in 1953 Wagner developed their first paint sprayer.  So it would be safe to say the long history means they are doing something right.  At least one thing they are doing right is building a pretty good paint sprayer.  Neither Dan or Myself like painting.  In fact I would rather be pulling weeds in 101 degree heat surrounded by thorns, then paint.  Now...

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Painter’s Pyramid Finishing Turntable

Painter’s Pyramid Overview You may remember our review of the Painter’s Pyramid. If not, you can take a look at the pyramid review.  For a quick review, the Painter’s pyramid is a great way to stain, paint, or finish your work in one sitting.  The system allows you to complete the project easily and allows the user to paint the sides, bottom and top without having to wait for a side to dry and then come back to finish up.  K&M came out with a new product to compliment the painter’s Pyramid.  The new product is the Painter’s Pyramid Finishing Turntable. The Finishing Turntable by Painters Pyramid is exactly as the name implies.  It is a turntable that allows the user to rotate their work and finish a certain side of the project.  This allows the user to minimize their contact or movement with a project.  In return this lowers the chance of dents, scratches and blemishing one could cause while working with stain, paint or other finishing products.  The turntable has a base of about 15.75″ which provides a lot of stability for even large projects.  The system utilizes 12 Painter’s Pyramids that can be adjusted to fit the dimensions of your work.  To our surprise this turntable supports up to 100lbs. Painter’s Pyramid  Review When we first checked this turntable out and having previous experience with the Painter’s Pyramid, we had a...

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Airshield Pro Review

About the Trend Airshield Pro The Trend Airshield Pro air circulating face shield provides excellent protection from the inhalation of all kinds of harmful dust, using twin fine dust filters to get the job done. It is a great tool for face protection, and at the same time provides filtering of fine particulates for increased respiratory protection. This neat face shield is perfect for: Woodworkers who are doing any kind of work, but especially routing and woodturning. The filtration system allows the routing of MDF and other man-made boards as well as natural timbers. Tool users that need protection from dusty enviorments, which could be Agricultural, Mowing, Heavy sweeping, and Grinding. The Airshield Pro filters all particulates, and the flip-up visor protects the eyes and face from any flying debris. The visor has a pivoting action that allows the user to move it out of the way when not in need of filtering particulates. It is very lightweight, quiet and comfortable on the head. The face shield comes with a 8-hour removable Ni-MH battery, battery charger, pair of THP2 fine filters, airflow indicator, visor overlay, and carrying bag. The battery keeps a constant stream of filtered air flowing across the face. The new Trend Airshield Pro is greatly improved over the original Trend Airshield, making it much easier to use and more comfortable to wear. The motor has been...

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