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Robert Sorby vs. Fast Cap Chisel

I am sure you are thinking this is like comparing a KIA to a Lamborghini and you might be correct, but we needed something to use as a reference ūüôā I have owned a complete set FastCap chisels for a few years.¬† When I initially reviewed them I focused on the folding handle, because that is what made it unique.¬† I was (and still am) amazed you can chop wood using a big hammer with these things and then fold them up and put them in your pocket.¬† I have not used them much, and to be honest I...

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Rob Cosman Online Workshop Training

Earlier this year I ran across¬† a Youtube video by a woodworker named Rob Cosman. This particular video shows how he builds custom dovetail saws which are available for sale on his site. If you are interested, the video can be found here.¬† I was intrigued by this video which led to watching a few more.¬† As it turns out Rob is a woodworking instructor that holds workshops and teaches woodworking primarily using hand tools. These courses are a week long (approx 60 hours). Unfortunately, this is not something I have time for and to be honest I am more of a power tool woodworker, or more accurately a “hybrid” woodworker anyway. While I was checking out these workshops I noticed he had online versions available as follows: Hand and Power Tool Workshop 3 half-hour episodes per week (Mon, Weds, Fri) Complete furniture making from start to finish Every step is detailed, very little editing Online forum to ask questions to Rob and community Hand Tool Workshop 2 half-hour episodes per week (Tues & Thurs) Create furniture entirely from hand tools Rough to ready construction method Every detail explained in full high definition Online forum to ask questions to Rob and community Also includes many BONUS videos and perks… Hand and Power Tool reviews Downloadable project plans Exclusive DVD Clips from Rob’s collection Discounts to Rob’s in person workshops...

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Hilti Drill – The Solution for Tough Job Sites

A while back we showed the preview of three new drills from Hilti. ¬†While the preview of the drill did show them off and give you a taste of the drills, it was more about the company behind the drills. ¬†As a recap just in case you missed that awesome article, the two things I covered was their warranty and their fleet program. ¬†While I won’t get into full depth like the other article, it is important to understand these two issues before you know about their drills. ¬†First is the warranty. ¬†Hilti offers a 20-2-1 warranty. ¬†They offer...

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Bosch 5″ Corded Grinder GWS13-50

When it comes to grinders, Bosch is one of the top manufacturers. ¬†When I was a labor back in 1992, we had a ton of grinders on the jobsite and beat the heck out of them. ¬†The one thing I can say about Bosch, is rarely will you ever see a tool fail. ¬†These tools are design to be abused under the heaviest conditions. ¬†That’s why we are going to take this over to Bodes place and let him use it while he builds his next box truck for tree hauling. ¬†So for today, I just wanted to let...

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Ridgid Hybrid Forced Air Heater – 18V R860424B

Here’s the deal. ¬†If you have been walking around with your eyes closed to Ridgid power tools, well you better open them up and wake up. ¬†I am not sure what is going on our at Ridgid, but they have been coming out with some very cool new tools. ¬†New tools that break the mold. ¬†Even some of the guys over on the power¬†tool forum have been amazed at some of these releases. ¬†They have a new cordless compressor, a cordless router and that’s just a couple of the cool new tool releases. ¬†Now they have a cordless propane...

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