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Bosch StarLock Plus – The World’s Best Oscillating Tool

Okay I get it, that title is a powerful statement and not everyone will agree.  So go ahead and tell me how wrong I am, but just a little heads up.  I have been married for 13 years and I am used to being told that I am wrong.  However I truly feel this is the best oscillating tool on the market and no, we aren’t getting paid by Bosch.  So why am I making this statement?  Well I will get to that below.  We have reviewed a couple Bosch Oscillating tools in the past.  We reviewed the Bosch...

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Festool 563007 Vecturo OS 400 EQ Set – The Mercedes of Multi Tools

Festool may be unheard of to the average DIY type, but to the professional it is the crème de la crème of tools.  The moment you use your first Festool you will understand why they are so revered. The Vecturo has some features that Festool owners expect like a detachable cord, ergonomic handle and precise operation.  The tool has a 400 watt motor that produces up to 18,500 oscillations per minute with a 4 degree angle.   It uses a pin and latch system to hold the accessory, similar to the FEIN Multi Master. The highlight of this kit is the...

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Friday Night Tool Fight – Best Multi Oscillating Tool

We take a look at the 3 top brands of oscillating tools.  We tested both corded and cordless.  Our test was not scientific at all.  It also wasn’t consistent as we used different blades.  We just wanted to give our opinions of what we liked and what we didn’t.  Watch the video to see the tests. Here are our final results: Cordless Multi Tool 1. DeWALT DCS355 via Amazon – The DeWALT just barely edged out the Bosch in the cordless category.  We liked the ergonomics and power.  The DeWALT along with its Porter Cable sibling have the quickest accessory...

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Sonicrafter F50 RK5141K – The Ferrari of Oscillating Multi Tools?

I got a chance to use the 4 amp Sonicrafter F50 on a recent wood floor we were working on.  I really got to be familiar with the tool and like Rockwell says it really is one of the fastest oscillating tools I have ever tested.  It rips through plywood at screaming speeds, it was impressive.  It weighs 3.3 lbs, has an oscillation speed of 11000-20000 RPM and an oscillation of 5 degrees.  Speed can be set via a dial at the base of the unit.  It is the fastest cutting OMT I have seen cutting through plywood. The 10′ long cord...

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FEIN MultiMaster 350 Q Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit – Das NextGen

Fein invented the oscillating tool, it is a German engineered marvel.  Like most German companies they have always built a quality tool.  Once their patent expired other brands instantly jumped on the band wagon giving Fein some competition.  The next generation FEIN MultiMaster 350 Q has 35% more power, 70% less vibration and is 50% quieter according to Fein. In our tests we could tell right away that the all vibrations have almost disappeared.  they did a real good job of omitting the vibrations.  The speed selector is now easier to operate as it is a traditional style thumb wheel vs the old...

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