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Milwaukee Cordless Miter Saw Review – M18 Fuel 2734

I am sure by now you have heard about the Milwaukee cordless miter saw.  Lose the cord and enjoy some freedom on your next job site and all thanks to Milwaukee.  We first saw this miter saw at the Milwaukee event and have to say we were initially impressed, but as you know it’s always different once you get a tool in your hands and your environment.  So with that said, let’s take a look at the Milwaukee Cordless Miter Saw Review. Okay, let’s be honest.  We know these type of tools take a ton of power to run, so how...

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RIDGID Miter Saw – 10 in. Sliding Compound Miter Saw – MS255SR

Have you ever pulled up to a car at a red light and you just know you can take it off the line?  The light turns green and that car next to you leaves you in the dust.  Basically you were taken by a sleeper car.  Well that is how I picture Ridgid.  I really don’t hear much about them, but almost every time we have put them up against other tools, Ridgid is one of the top performers.  Now for this, we didn’t go head to head against other miter saws, but I can tell you the Ridgid miter...

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Ridgid Miter Saw – 10” Sliding Dual Bevel Saw with Dual Laser Guide

For me, Ridgid is just one of the quiet companies.  They don’t brag, they aren’t showoffs and they don’t hype their stuff up.  They are just one of those companies that say, here we are, you know what to expect from us and here is our best price.  We had a drill fight and radio fight that Ridgid participated in and both times, they impressed us.  So what does all this mean?  Simple, we just have trusted Ridgid as a company over the years and that’s why when we had a chance to take a look at the Ridgid...

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Skilsaw Table top Saws

Skilsaw is a name you know.  They have been making saws for almost 100 years.  You are probably familiar with their wormdrive circular saws.  They are said to be the saw that built America.  They are tough and pretty much cut through anything.  Skilsaw recently introduced two new table top saws that we want to share with you. 14″ Abrasive Chop Saw – SPT64MTA-01 If you’re looking for an abrasive chop saw, the new Skilsaw might just be your answer.  With a large 14″ abrasive blade, you can pretty much cut through anything you desire with ease.  Skilsaw designed this with...

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Bosch CM12SD – 12″ Dual Bevel Slide Miter Saw

Let’s get real.  We all know that Bosch makes some of the best Miter saws on the market and the new CM12SD isn’t any different.  Now don’t get confused with the GCM12SD as the G model is their Axial Glide saw.  This saw rides on rails. So what’s new about this saw?  The main thing is this saw offers more capacity for cutting trim or molding.  This is a huge plus especially when you’re dealing with Crown Molding.  So how did they do this?  Bosch moved the gearing up a little higher which allows taller pieces of wood to...

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