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Milwaukee Tool Long Tapes

Milwaukee has had tape measures out for a couple of years, so measuring isn’t new to Milwaukee. However, they recently came out with some long tapes which I know people have been waiting for.  It’s great to have a nice tape measure, but there are times when we just need to measure something in great length where an LDM might not be a fit.  So Milwaukee came out with a couple new long tapes, the Milwaukee 100Ft Closed Reel Long Tape 48-22-5101 and the Milwaukee 100Ft Open Reel Long Tape48-22-5201. Milwaukee Tool 100Ft Open Reel Long Tape 48-22-5201 For most of...

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Milwaukee Torpedo Levels

Milwaukee recently came out with two new levels, the Compact Torpedo Level 48-22-5107 and the 10″ Diecast Torpedo Level with 360 Degree Locking Vial 48-22-5210.  I am not going to get into depth on them because, well, they are levels and there is not a whole lot to them.  However, there are some things I wanted to let you know about them and why they might need to be in your tool arsenal.   For the Compact Torpedo, there were two things that caught my attention right away.  First, was the weight.  Not that it weighs a ton, but you can...

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Empire Levels – True Blue

In today’s market place you can spend a couple of bucks or a couple of hundred dollars on a level.  Both have their pros and cons to each, but what we really need is a level in between.  We need a level that can take a beating, but still stays true and accurate.  With that said, we can narrow down the field, which brings me to one option, the Empire Levels.  Empire Levels have been around since 1919, so it’s safe to say they know what they are doing.  Last year, Milwaukee Tool bought them, which means they now have...

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Bosch Laser Review – Self Leveling Cross Line Laser GCL 2-160

Yes, another laser from Bosch.  One thing I can say about Bosch is that their laser division is jamming with new and innovative lasers.  I feel like we have tested every single Bosch laser they offer.  With all these lasers we have tested, they all have one common theme, quality.  All these lasers seem to be top quality with incredible accuracy, obviously, these two attributes are the most important with any laser.  Yes, there are other companies who make lasers, but in my personal opinion, no one comes close to Bosch lasers.  When we heard Bosch was releasing a...

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Bosch Green Laser Review – Cross Line Laser GLL 100 G

When it comes to lasers, Bosch is hard to beat. They have been in this game for a long time and have experience with creating lasers. Now I am not saying I don’t trust other companies when it comes to lasers, but when you look at Bosch, it’s hard not to pick them as your top choice. They have a huge line of LDMs, levels, and laser. When you see a company get this involved in measurement tools, you can see they want to dominate. In order to dominate, you not only have to be innovative, but you have...

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