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Ridgid Hybrid Light Review – 18V Upright Area Light

Ridgid has been hitting the market hard with new lights and new solutions for the job site.  We all know what it’s light when you trying to work and you just don’t have enough light.  It’s enough to dry you crazy.  So far, the new Ridgid lights have been awesome.  They have been tough, very bright and we are seeing great run times with their 18V lights.  So today we are going to show off yet another light from Ridgid, the Ridgid 18V Hybrid Upright Area Light.  This light may remind you of another light out there, but we feel...

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Milwaukee One-Key Radius Light 2146-20

Milwaukee is rocking the boat again with their new Radius light.  Back in August, we checked out their radius compact job site light.  We thought this was a great addition to their already massive lighting product line.  Well, today we are happy to take a look at the Milwaukee One-Key Radius Light.  If you are looking for lighting solutions for your job site, Milwaukee might just have you covered and this radius light might be something you are looking for. I am not going to get too involved in the light since we already took a look at the...

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Milwaukee Rocket Light Review – LED M18 Tower Light 2135-20

Milwaukee is adding another light to their line up. Milwaukee was the first company to really change job site lighting. They have a ton of lighting solutions available for the professionals.  Some of the lighting solutions include area lighting, task lighting and personal lighting.  A couple years back they introduced the Milwaukee Trueview LED light stand.  We all know this is a great light.  However Milwaukee being Milwaukee, they wanted to take a great light and make it better.  So let me introduce you to their new Milwaukee Rocket Light.  So let’s jump in and go over the Milwaukee...

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Milwaukee Search Light – M18 LED Light

Believe it or not, there is another light from Milwaukee, the Milwaukee Search Light.  Now I know what you’re thinking, Milwaukee turning out lights?  It’s crazy isn’t it?  Well actually Milwaukee has the largest light line available for any power tool manufacturer.  What I love about Milwaukee lights is not only their design, but they are quality lights.  The Milwaukee lighting division has been kicking butt and taking names.  They pretty much have a lighting solution for any professional tradesman.  From small lights to large stand lights, Milwaukee has you covered. When you look at the Milwaukee Search Light model 2354 it...

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Bosch Work Light – 18V and 420 Lumens

Over the past year, it seems like every manufacturer is coming out with LED lighting solutions.  Not that I am saying this is a bad thing because we all know its great to be able to see.  All I am saying is I think it’s great seeing more and more LED lights coming to market.  Remember the old incandescent light?  They would get hot and if you drop them, you better have another bulb ready or you will be in the dark.  So speaking of LED lighting solutions, Bosch has an 18V light available.  A little over a year...

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