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Gorilla Ladders – The Ladder That Will Make You Stand Tall

A couple of months ago, we were introduced the Gorilla ladders.  We had a chance to check out their Hybrid ladders and were very impressed, not only by the quality, but the ease of use.  I know what your’re thinking, “ease of use.”  Yes, we have tried other ladders and they seem flimsy and hard to open or close.  Not only were the Gorilla ladders easy to open and close, but you can do it with one hand,  Anyways, we are not here to talk about the Hybrid ladders, we are here to talk about their smaller ladders, the...

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Gorilla Ladders – The Common Sense Solution

According to a stat I found online more than 6,000 people die each year and another 30,000 people get injured from falling off ladders.  While this make the lawyers smile, this is an alarming stat and one to take seriously.  If you know me, you know I like to save money.  I have no problems buying generic items, well except for my Hellmanns mayo.  Another thing I would never cut corners on is a ladder.  I get amazed how many people talk about ladders and why they bought them.  I hear things like it’s lighter, it doesn’t weigh as...

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Werner MT Series Multi Ladder Review – MT 26

Ladders are a must for any homeowner or contractor.  In fact, there have been so many ladders developed over the years, it’s hard to keep track.  There are step ladders, attic ladders, roof ladders, extension ladders, stair ladders, rope ladders, pool ladders and the list goes on.  I would have to say the coolest ladder is the Multi-Ladder.  For me the Multi-ladder is the best for a bunch of reasons.  Currently, I have an extension ladder, a large step ladder, a short step ladder and a small platform.  If I had a large garage, it would be no big...

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Werner PA206 Aluminum Extension Plank Review

We recently had a chance to review the Werner MT26 Multi-ladder.  If there is one thing Werner knows, it’s ladders.  The ladder is solid, well built and stable. One great thing about this multi-ladder is the ability to use it as a scaffold, which can be very useful.  However to use it as a scaffold, you need a plank, which brings me to the PA206 Aluminum Extension Plank by Werner. Now you don’t have to have the MT 26 to use this plank, but it sure makes it a nice set up.  Before I go on, I do want...

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Little Giant Ladder Xtreme 17″ – Review

        Ok who hasn’t seen a Little Giant Ladder Infomercial?  They are plastered all over our TV late at night and I have to admit I like watching them.  But do they work?  Well I have to say right away that I am a firm believer in the Little Giant Ladder.  My father has had one for years, it has never failed and the versatility of it is un-matched.  The lifetime warranty is awesome!  From home owner to contractor this ladder is a must have. The only downside I see to the ladder is it is...

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