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FLIR MR160 – Taking Moisture Meters to the Next Level

When it comes to thermal imaging the FLIR name is the gold standard.  Used by the military and police for the most demanding applications, they are on their A game.  The technology is getting better and coming down in price which makes it available to the common folk.  The MR160 is basically a moisture meter that has a 80×60 thermal imager to pinpoint the exact source of the leak. FLIR calls it IGM – Infrared Guided Measurement, it guides you to warmer and color areas on a surface.  This generally indicates moisture.  You can then use the included pin...

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Milwaukee 2314-21 M12 M-Spector 360 9 Ft. Kit

Finding the perfect inspection camera is quite a task, there are so many on the market  They have a ton of features and come at all different price ranges.  The Milwaukee 2314 M12 Spector is one of my favorite inspection cameras.  Her is what i like: Price: The M12 Spector doesn’t break the wallet, can find it roughly around $229 depending on where you shop.  It doesn’t break the bank but then again it is basic with no recording features. Clarity:  The camera has a great focus at no matter what distance you have at.  That means you can...

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ACDelco ARZ605 Inspection Camera – Mechanics Choice

There seems to be a lot of inspection cameras on the market today with all kinds of price points and uses.  Some work great behind drywall, but will not fit into tight areas like in the automotive field where small clearances are common.  A few years back we gave ARZ1204D inspection camera to a car mechanic and at first he didn’t think he would use it.  After a few weeks with it, not only was he constantly using it, but he wouldn’t give it back!  It has saved him and his customers time and money.  ACDelco is the mechanics...

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ACDelco ARZ605 Inspection Camera – Preview

In 2011 the ACDelco impressed us with the ARZ1204D inspection camera kit.  With its small diameter cable and spot on close up focus it won the hearts of mechanics everywhere.  We even gave it an award as the best inspection camera of 2011.  We got a sneak peak at their latest feature packed inspection camera at the 2011 AAPEX/SEMA show. Some of the highlights are: Audio recording capability  12V lithium ion or 4 AA power Includes 4 gb SD card 360 degree rotation screen rotation We will be getting one soon and will be able to give you a more...

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General Tools & Instruments Seeker 100 Wireless USB Video Inspection System DCS100 – Review

We have reviewed a lot of inspection cameras lately and they all have different features and price points.  To me the biggest thing is image quality and if a camera can focus up close, after all that’s what inspection cameras are for, to inspect!  The General Tools & Instruments Seeker 100 does not disappoint on image  quality.  Unlike most inspection cameras that have a screen, the Seeker 100 does not, instead it is wireless and uses your PC as the screen.  This has a few advantages, first you get a software program that utilizes the power of your PC to capture images and record video. Second you can get the camera into tighter areas that a normal inspection camera cannot and a has a bonus feature where you can use Skype to relay your video live anywhere in the world.  With most everyday applications you probably will not use the Skype feature however  for certain trades this is a huge advantage.  Lets say you have to send a tech to a remote location to fix a machine, the tech can find the issue and Skype back the video to engineers and get invaluable assistance. The camera itself has a has a 12mm diameter, 1m long probe which is relatively thin to get into those tight spots.  The probe is easily changed out with the other optional probes that are available.  The...

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