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Kobalt 24V Cordless Power Tools

You may remember a while back we were fortunate enough to take a trip to Vegas and learn about the new Kobalt 24V line of power tools.  If you shop at Lowes, you are familiar with Kobalt tools since they are the house brand for Lowes.  I have to admit that when I heard Kobalt was coming out with new tools, I didn’t have high expectations.  Not that Kobalt was bad, it just wasn’t at the top of my list with their older version.  Awhile back they came out with some power tools, but then you never really heard from...

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Bosch 12V Impact – Big Power in a Little Size

If you are new to Tools in Action, you probably already know how much I love Bosch tools.  Bosch isn’t always first to market with their tools, but when they release something, they are designed nicely and you know they are designed to last.  So speaking of new tools, Bosch has two new 12V tools available.  The Bosch 12V impact Driver and the Bosch 12V impact Wrench.  Both of these tools share a lot in common so before I go into each tool, let’s cover what assets they share. The one thing I really like about the Bosch 12V...

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Milwaukee One-Key Impact Wrench

By now I am sure you have heard of the Milwaukee One-Key Impact Wrench.  If not, here is a quick run down.  Milwaukee One-Key turns your tools into a smart tool.  As a user you can use an app on your phone to make key changes to your tool.  So say you don’t need all the torque and want more speed, just open the app, make a quick change to the settings to increase speed, hit the save button and you’re good to go.  Yes, it’s really that simple.  When manufacturers design tools, they have to take so much...

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Milwaukee 2nd Generation Impacts – First Look

If you watched our live feed from the Milwaukee event, you know we were pretty excited about the new 2nd generation of impact drivers and wrenches from Milwaukee.  They are smaller and more powerful.  If you notice on the impact driver, there is a cool new feature.  If you look at the close up picture you will see the same three speeds, but you will also notice a 4th button.  This fourth button is for self tapping screw mode.  Say you are installing metal studs and you are using self tapping screws.  Just press this button and the impact is...

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DeWALT DCF889HM2 Impact Wrench – More Power

The lackluster DeWALT DCF889 just got an upgrade with 100 more ft. lbs. of torque.  The DCF889HM2 is now available at The Home Depot.  DeWALT didn’t stop there they also increased the IPM to 2300 and the RPMs to 1500.  Still not industry leading power but this tool is good for most jobs including driving lags. Not too much is know yet about this tool but we will keep you posted.   Check out this Russian using...

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