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Bosch 5″ Corded Grinder GWS13-50

When it comes to grinders, Bosch is one of the top manufacturers.  When I was a labor back in 1992, we had a ton of grinders on the jobsite and beat the heck out of them.  The one thing I can say about Bosch, is rarely will you ever see a tool fail.  These tools are design to be abused under the heaviest conditions.  That’s why we are going to take this over to Bodes place and let him use it while he builds his next box truck for tree hauling.  So for today, I just wanted to let...

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Ridgid 18V Brushless 4-1/2 Angle Grinder

I always look at Ridgid as a sleeping giant.  Ridgid has some great tools, but they are not on everyone’s radar.  If you have been watching us for a while, you have probably seen some of our tool fights.  We usually have Ridgid mixed in the fight and almost every time they have come out on top.  They are just quality tools and they don’t beat you up on price.  Since they aren’t on everyone’s radar, I wanted to show off the Ridgid 18V 4-1/2″ angle grinder. Ridgid designed this with a brushless motor which means it’s more efficient,...

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Bosch Cordless Grinder – 18V of Grinding Power Model GSW18V-50

Yesterday we posted about the new Bosch 6Ah battery, so it’s only fitting we talk today about the new Bosch cordless grinder.  In my opinion, Bosch makes the best grinders.  Just in case you were wondering, no they didn’t pay us to say that.  I had a couple older ones that I have beat the heck out of and they keep on grinding.  While they are corded versions, I wouldn’t expect anything less with their cordless version.  Now if you know Bosch, you are expecting a professional tool that will last for years, so let’s see what Bosch packed...

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Milwaukee M18 Fuel Braking Grinder – 2783

Over the years we have done a bunch of grinders, but this grinder is the first of it’s kind.  As you know Milwaukee always pushes the limit on what they can do with their tools to make them better, safer and allow the user to be more productive.  So let me introduce you to the new M18 Milwaukee 2783 Grinder.  As with the other Milwaukee tools you can get this as a bare kit 2783-20 or with batteries 2783-22.  So what is so special about this grinder? The first big thing is the braking feature.  The tool will come...

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New DeWALT Small Angle Grinders

DeWALT recently announced 3 new 4 1/2″ braking angle grinders. The DWE4222N,DWE4222 and the DWE4224.  These small grinders are lanyard ready so they can be used without risk of falling.  They also have an electronic clutch that detects a stall or pinch and stops the tool within a 10th of a second.  The new design has a new dust ejection design that keeps the motor cleaner and cooler.  For more visit...

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