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Milwaukee 2706 – One Key Hammer Drill

We recently released our overview the new Milwaukee 2705, the new Milwaukee One-Key drill.  While we didn’t cover much of the drill itself, we did talk about the One-Key and how you can customize your tool.  Well with this new release of the Milwaukee 2706 Hammer Drill, we are going to cover the One-Key, but some different information.  If you are here to find more out about the drill, take a look at the article on the Milwaukee 2704 as it covers just the drill.  Both the new One-Key drills (2705 & 2706) are pretty much the same as...

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Milwaukee 2705 – One Key Drill

As you know Milwaukee tool has come out with a new technology called One-Key.  The new Milwaukee 2705 is one of the first of many releases of the One-Key.  They do have a couple other tools out such as the hammer drill, impact driver, impact wrench and the Force Logic, but we will be covering those in different articles.  Since this is our first look at the One-Key solution, we are going to talk more about this new feature than the drill.  If you are interested in the drill, you can take a look at our review of the...

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Makita XPH07Z Brushless 18V Hammer Drill

Are you looking for power, balance and long run times?  If so this article is for you.  Well not the article, but the Makita XPH07Z Hammer Drill.  This is one of the most powerful 18V drills on the market with 1,090 in. lbs. of torque.  Yes, I did type that correctly, that is a heck of a lot of power.  In hammer mode it delivers 0 – 31,500 BPM which will drill just about any hole through masonry.  Did I mention it has a brushless motor which can give it longer run times and a longer life. If you...

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Milwaukee M18 Gen 2 FUEL Hammer Drill 2704

Another new tool from Milwaukee, say it can’t be.  Every time I turn around, they have something new out.  This time it’s a new drill.  Not just any drill, but a beast of a hammer drill in a small size.  This is a huge leap forward for a number of reasons.  The drill is one of the most widely used tools.  In the past you really had to pick from power and size.  If you wanted a lot of power, you had to expect your drill to be bigger and heavier.  If you wanted a lighter drill, you could...

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