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DeWALT Clamps – Daily Dose

We got to check out some of the new DeWALT trigger clamps.  They come in a variety of sizes and the larger ones have a spreader function.  A quick change button allows you to convert it in seconds.  These clamps are really no thrills but they get the job done and have a good solid grip.  They have grooves in the pads for bar stock.  They come in various sizes up to 50″, check DeWALT clamps via...

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Irwin Clamp Review

I can’t say I use clamps everyday, well I guess I could, but then I would be a liar.  Since I don’t use them everyday, I never really invested much money into clamps, since they just sit around.  I finally bought my first set of clamps back in 2001 when I started building a coffee table.  At the time I had the mind set of if I buy cheap tools, I can save the money, even though I am sure I spent it on other things. Anyhow, I got good use of the clamps for the coffee table and...

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Rockwell BenchJaw RK9006- Review

The Rockwell JawHorse is one of my most used tools.  I use it for everything, as a table, as a clamp, to hold pipe, the list goes on.  Pretty much any clamping task you need, it can handle.  Using your feet to apply clamp down pressure does two things, it allows you to apply a lot more pressure than if you used your hands and it keeps your arms free to steady your work as you clamp it.  For those of you that want a more permanent option or a more space saving option, Rockwell has come out with...

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The Rockwell JawHorse RK9002 – Bow to the SheetMaster

The JawHorse is the most amazing product ever to come from Rockwell.  In almost every video we make you can see the Jawhorse.  We even gave it an award in 2011 for TIA’s most used tool.  I have often seen it used by other tool manufactures to demo other tools and even seen a few imitations.  But make no mistake, there is only one JawHorse and now it is bigger and better than before. The first thing you notice is that it is obviously bigger than the original JawHorse.  This is so it can hold a full 4×8′ sheet...

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Rockwell Jaw Stand Review

How many times have your friends ask to borrow your pick up truck to move something or worse yet, asked to use your help and your truck?  Probably a lot.  But where are they when you need a hand, let me guess, they are busy doing something else.  Well the Jaw Stand doesn’t stop your friends from borrowing you or your truck, but it does solve the issue of working by yourself. Power Tool Review – Rockwell Jaw Stand Power Tool Model – RK9033     Pros: Sturdy, versatile, easy to operate Cons: Small clamping size Specifications of the Dewalt...

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