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Kobalt 24V Cordless Power Tools

You may remember a while back we were fortunate enough to take a trip to Vegas and learn about the new Kobalt 24V line of power tools.  If you shop at Lowes, you are familiar with Kobalt tools since they are the house brand for Lowes.  I have to admit that when I heard Kobalt was coming out with new tools, I didn’t have high expectations.  Not that Kobalt was bad, it just wasn’t at the top of my list with their older version.  Awhile back they came out with some power tools, but then you never really heard from...

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Skilsaw Outlaw – The Worm Drive for Metal

The worm drive, what can you really say about this type of saw?  The worm drive has been out for nearly a century.  It’s tried and true just like the GM 350 small block engine.  It has taken a beating over the years and is considered, not only a tough saw, but one of the most reliable saws on the market.  In fact, Skilsaw just stuck this motor in a table saw and it’s a beast.  Well now Skilsaw has taken it up a level with the introduction of the Skilsaw Outlaw metal saw. The Skilsaw Outlaw is an...

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Skilsaw SPT 77 WML-22 7-1/4″ Worm Drive Circular Saw

I don’t care where you go or who you speak with, but everyone has heard of Skilsaw.  They either own one or have used one.  It’s one of the oldest circular saw companies around.  In fact, it is the saw that built America, yes they are that old.  In a world where it’s good to be young, it’s opposite in the tool world.  You could say Skilsaw is the grandfather of all circular saws.  The wormdrive has been around the longest and is still used by serious professionals even in todays lightweight cordless era. The wormdrive is the king...

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Skilsaw SPT67WM-22 15 Amp 7-1/4″ Sidewinder Magnesium Circular Saw

What do you say when you need a bandage, you say Band-Aid.  What do you say when you need clear tape, you say Scotch Tape.  The same holds true for a circular saw and why is that?  Because Skilsaw has built an incredible, powerful and reliable circular saw year after year.  This is their bread and butter.  After all, they have the saw that built America with the model 77 and who can argue with that track record? Today we are taking a look at their 7-1/4″ Sidewinder circular saw, model SPT 67 WM-22. The sidewinder uses an inline...

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Makita XSH03M Brushless Circular Saw

A long time ago we did a review on Makita metal cutting saw.  While that was a great saw, we really haven’t had much experience with any of their newer saws, well at least not until today.  Today we get our hands on the Makita XSH03 Brushless 6 1/2″ 18V circular saw.  The kit comes with the saw, 2-18V batteries, a charger, blade and nylon bag.  Let’s start out with the power of this saw.  This saw delivers 5,000 rpm which is great for fast ripping or cutting of materials.  Not only is this saw fast, but it’s smart....

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