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Weather Guard Truck Box Review – Saddle Box Style

Having a truck for work is crucial.  On any given day, you have no idea what you will be hauling around.  Having the bed in the back is great and makes your life so much easier.  However, there is one small problem or price we have to pay for the ability to have an open bed.  We lose the ability to securely store and transport certain items.  Now if you have a crew cab, sure you have some room to lock up your tools, but for a single cab, how do you lock your stuff up and protect it?  As...

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Weather Guard Remote – Quick Draw Remote Access System

If you have been following Tools in Action for a while, you know we are huge fans of Weather Guard truck boxes.  In fact, they have won a couple of TIA awards over the years.  These boxes are tough and as the name implies, they protect your things from the weather.  In our opinion, there isn’t any other box on the market that is built to the high-quality standards as Weather Guard.  As much as we love Weather Guard, that’s not why we are here today.  Well, actually it’s part of the reason.  But we recently found out Weather Guard...

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Milwaukee Polisher – M18 FUEL 7” Variable Speed Polisher – 2738-22

Well Milwaukee Tool is at it again.  Once again trying to push the limits and break the rules.  This time Milwaukee introduced their new Milwaukee polisher to the market.  Dan or myself are not detailers, but luckily we had Pat who has a ton of experience in detailing and automotive.  Before we get into what Pat thinks of this tool, let’s just give you a little background and stats about the tool. Milwaukee Polisher Milwaukee had their M12 polisher available for some time, so it only makes sense that they tackled it with the M18 platform.  Milwaukee designed this...

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Decked Pickup Truck Storage Drawers – 2015 Ford F150

Pickup truck beds are a huge area to put just about anything.  The one thing they lack is the ability to organize anything.  You pretty much just have a wide open space.  There are many accessories that can help fill this void from tool boxes to swing out boxes.  A lot of these options take up width and length.  Let’s face it you are putting something in there, so of course it is going to take up space.  The Decked system takes up space on the bottom which still allows you to get wide objects like sheets of plywood...

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Longacre Racing Tire Gauges – Check Them Out

A while back I was surfing on our Power Tool Forum and came across an interesting post called Do you have a favorite tire gauge that was posted by jbw55.  He posted a picture of his Longacre tire gauge and I thought it was very cool looking, much nicer than my cheap $5 gas station gauge.  Right after that we received a bunch of emails asking us to review and show these gauges off.  After doing a little research I found out these are from Longacre Racing Products who mainly deals with racing and performance items.  I looked around and...

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