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Task Tool 5 in 1 Caulking Tool

When doing any project we all know the two things we always need are shims and caulk.  These two items can make even the junkiest projects look professional.  So speaking of caulk, I wanted to tell you about a cool little tool called the 5 in 1 all purpose caulking tool by Task Tools. When I did my bathroom project a couple years back, I had a very similar tool that helped with my caulking applications.  I had a 3 in 1 tool.  All I can say if you’re not a guy who deals with caulk everyday, these tools...

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Tytan Professional Adhesives

We would like to welcome Tytan Professional to the Tools in Action family.  If you are a professional, I am sure you have either heard of Tytan or have used them.  For those who haven’t, Tytan is a company who makes adhesives and other products for the construction field.  They are known for making premium adhesives that have superior holding power.  We had a chance to look at a couple of their adhesive products.  Let me just tell you ahead of time that this stuff does exactly what they claim, it holds stuff in place.  It’s not like some...

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Black and Decker 20V Hot Glue Gun BDCGG20 – First Look

Everyone needs and loves hot glue.  It allows you to place, fix and secure just about anything. The problem has always been the glue guns, they just suck.  The cords are always to short, they don’t flow well and generally are of cheap quality.  There have been some attempts made at cordless glue guns but they take forever and the batteries don’t usually last long. Finally someone has come and hit the nail on the head in this category.  We got a  sneak peek at the new 125W Black and Decker 20V cordless glue gun.  I have to say...

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Newborn Caulk Guns – HybridTech Series

I can’t say caulk guns are that fun to talk about, but for some people they are the center of of a conversation.  Newborn came out with three new caulk guns, which you can see in the video below.  The new series is called the HybridTech Series Model 211-HTS Model 212-HTD Model 288-HTR I don’t know that much about caulk guns, but lucky for us we have Ty over at the marina....

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Bondic Plastic Welder – Move Over Super Glue

Bondic really has only one thing in common with Superglue, “It Fixes Things”.  Think of Bondic as liquid plastic.  You squeeze the pen and out comes a transparent goo.  It has a similar viscosity to that of a thick pancake syrup.  At this stage it can be manipulated anyway you want until you activate the hardener via a UV LED. Unlike superglue this product cannot do seamless connections.  The Bondic needs to encapsulate the break area to have strength.  The more layers you ad the stronger the reinforcement becomes.  Apart from the that, Bondic has tons of advantages over other products...

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