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History of the Drill

In modern times, drills are a common household and construction item. Gone are the days of hand drills, though they do sometimes serve a very useful purpose, and have largely been replaced by the cordless models. The original purpose of a drill was to make a hole in stone, metal, or wood. That use has not changed significantly over the years, but its use has expanded. There are a number of types of drills, such as the bore drill, which simply drills a hole. This type was developed in Egypt around 3000 B.C. The auger, still used today, was...

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To Track or not to Track – Track Saw Basics

I know that some of you are thinking I would really like to have a track saw but do I want to spend my hard earn cash on such a luxury item? Before I start, this is not a comparison or review of any one Track Saw it is just an article on the benefits of having and using a Track Saw. For some, clamping a straight edge down works just fine or using a table saw is all that they need. For someone like myself that works alone most of the time, it is a major time saver....

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WD-40 – The Name Explained

The other day I picked up a can of WD-40, and I got to thinking. I know WD stands for “water displacement,” but what does the 40 stand for? This started to play on my mind so I had to find out. Thanks to this new-fangled thing, call the internet and Google it was not long before I had my answer. In 1953, a small company called the Rocket Chemical Company was trying to come up with a rust-prevention solvents and degreasers for use in the aerospace industry. After 39 failed attempts the hit pay dirt on the 40th...

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The Hardware Stores Of Yesteryear

I love old photographs. They illustrate a time and place now extinct, that often exist only in the memories of those who were there. I also love tools, so when Garage Gazette member Penncraft shared some photos of some hardware stores in the 1950’s, I was pretty intrigued. In this day and time big boxes like Lowe’s and Home Depot have left much of America devoid of the independent hardware stores we grew up with. While it’s nice to have everything in the world under one roof, the level of service and personal relationships upon which the independent stores...

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The Many Faces of Systainer

Sometimes it is easier for a manufacturer to go with an existing tool storage brand and just rebrand than build their own.  This seems pretty clear when you see all the different variations of the Systainer.  Personally I think Systainers are great for organization but are a bit weak for the job site environment.  I have a Mirka sander that came in a Systainer and the case was cracked just from shipping.  Check out Systainers over at...

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