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Subaru PKX220ST Semi-Trash 2″ Water Pump

The job site is a dirty place and when it rains it is a wet place.  Since most job sites are just being built there is no drainage.  All it takes is one rain storm to ruin your day.  We recently were filming at a house under construction and a rain storm flooded the basement.  To clear the water quickly you need a semi-trash pump.  Semi-trash means that the pump can handle small amounts of debris getting sucked in without the risk of damaging the pump. Subaru is known for making quality products and engines, the PKX220ST is no different....

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Honda GX 160 Review

We received a call last week from a friend who was thinking about buying a dozen Honda GX160 motors and wanted to get our opinion.  So naturally we couldn’t wait to get our hands on these motors to see them in action.  Honda makes some of the best small engines and generators around.  These motors are very tough, but at a price.  We found these anywhere from $350 and up, but well worth the price. These are little engines and when we say little we mean 12″L x 13.4″W x12.5″H.  Don’t let the size fool you because they pack a powerful punch.  These commercial grade engines are air cooled 4 stroke OHV single cylinders.  They produce 4.8HP with 7.6 Lbs ft of torque.  These engines can be used for all sorts of applications such as go karts, chippers, generators, air compressors, pressure washers, concrete cutters and more.  Oh yeah, we were testing this engine for use as a pump. As you can see by the pictures there is a black pump attached to this motor with an inlet and outlet, which has to be bought separately.  He wanted these motors to move water, so the pump was all ready attached.  Overall this is a very nice motor.  We couldn’t test this over a year’s period, but we will update you on any information we get back from our friend about the...

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