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Black & Decker Lawn Tools

I am not sure what you think of when you hear the name Black & Decker.  For me two things come to mind.  First is a company that has a long history of making products.  Second is the Dust Buster.  I remember those old Dust Busters. While they were a cool invention and meant you didn’t have to break out the vacuum, it would last for about two minutes.   Just enough time to pick up those 8 Cheerios.  Good thing battery technology has changed because now they are night and day.  Speaking of that, we will be having...

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Milwaukee Blower, Milwaukee String Trimmer & Milwaukee Hedger – Milwaukee OPE

Well the day is finally here, the new line of Milwaukee OPE.  Pretty soon you can buy a Milwaukee Blower, Milwaukee String Trimmer and a Milwaukee Hedger.  However we still can’t tell you much about them (watch the videos and you will get this joke).  As you know Milwaukee Tools are designed for the professionals, so naturally these are going after the Dewalt line, Stihl Line of OPE and others.  While they will be available in The Home Depot, they are not really competing against EGO and some of the other newer brands to market.  So as much as...

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Ego 56V Hedger

Out of all my favorite Ego tools, this has to be my favorite, well this and the lawnmower.  One thing you want to notice is the bar, where all the action happens. This bar is a 24″ bar and you can see it goes all the way to the front of the tool. While some claim to have long bars, most don’t actually have that cutting capacity, where with the Ego, it does.  This unit delivers 3,000 SPM and is powered by a 56V 2-Ah battery.  You can cut up to 3/4″ thick branches, pretty wild for a battery...

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Black and Decker 20V 22 in. Lithium Hedge Trimmer LHT2220 – Review

For years I have used an old green-corded Black and Decker hedger.  I have left it out in the rain, dropped it, cut branches that are way too big for it and generally abused it.  It still works like a charm.  The only issue I had with it was that I kept accidentally cutting extension cords.  The cord just had to go!  I was eying the 20V edger for a while, I don’t have a lot of bushes but enough to keep a hedge trimmer busy for 20 minutes or so.  Cordless lawn tool batteries have come a long...

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