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Black And Decker 36V Lithium Sweeper/Vacuum LSWV36

Gas blowers are powerful and great for large areas where a lot of power is needed. Home-owners generally do not need the power or the headaches that come with a gas blower. Most non-gas units usually use a power cord which can limit your range and hamper your blowing efforts.  Advances in battery technology in recent years have allowed blowers to finally become cordless. I didn’t expect the Black and Decker 36V blower to wow me with power and run-time considering it is rated at 120mph. That being said I cannot believe how much I use it and how...

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Ryobi RY08420 Back Pack Gas Blower – Review

Back pack blowers are normally for the pro.  You see them in use by professional landscape pros all the time.  So why not have one designed just for the home owner?  Well Ryobi has done just that with the RY08420 back pack blower.  Just from looking at the unit you can tell this is no ordinary back pack blower.  The air tube is sideways which gives the air more of a direct path resulting in more velocity. It puts out 185 mph and 510 CFM from its powerful 42 cc engine.         The RY08420 is also...

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Ryobi 4 Cycle Gas Blower Review Model RY09466

Tools in Action is hitting Home and garden hard since summer is here.  This time we are talking about the Ryobi 4 Cycle Gas Blower.  What is a 4 cycle?  Well basically it means you don’t have to mix gas and oil in one can.  With a 4 cycle, you have one tank for gas and a separate tank for the oil.  This means less cans sitting around, less mess and less aggravations.  You can use the same gas in your 4 cycle as you use in your lawnmower (well double check with your owners manual before you take...

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Husqvarna 570BTS Commercial Back Pack Blower – Review

Blowers come in many shapes and sizes depending on the job at hand.  When you hear the brand Husqvarna what is the first thing that comes to mind?  Never heard of Husqvarna?  Just ask any landscape pro, they use Husqvarna.  Durability, performance and comfort is what sets the 570BTS apart from other blowers. Manufacturer – Husqvarna Model -570BTS Commercial Back Pack Blower   The 570BTS  dominates its price class.  The unit comes almost fully assembled, we had to put the blower arm, nozzle and trigger on.  It was a relatively simple task, the nozzle twists and interlocks with each other to...

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Worx Trivac All in One – Review

If you’re like me and hate the spring and fall leaf pick up, you might want to keep reading this review of the Worx Trivac 3 in 1 system.  My kids aren’t old enough to pick up the leaves and do yard work for me why I sit around, but one day they will be.  Until then I guess I have to tough it out.  One tool we came across, which I am sure you have seen on TV is the Worx Trivac which makes this hassle a lot easier.   Specifications of the Worx Trivac All in one...

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