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Milwaukee Blower, Milwaukee String Trimmer & Milwaukee Hedger – Milwaukee OPE

Well the day is finally here, the new line of Milwaukee OPE.  Pretty soon you can buy a Milwaukee Blower, Milwaukee String Trimmer and a Milwaukee Hedger.  However we still can’t tell you much about them (watch the videos and you will get this joke).  As you know Milwaukee Tools are designed for the professionals, so naturally these are going after the Dewalt line, Stihl Line of OPE and others.  While they will be available in The Home Depot, they are not really competing against EGO and some of the other newer brands to market.  So as much as...

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Worx 56V Turbine Blower WG591

The leaves are falling and the wife is yelling for you to clean up the yard, so what do you do?  Easy, grab the new Worx 56V blower and blow them into your neighbors yard, problem solved.  No more leaves on your yard and the wife is happy.  Okay, before you go and do this, I am sure you want to know a little bit about this blower. The new Worx blower is a 56V air Turbine blower with a whopping 465 cfm and 125 MPH, plenty of power to push those leaves across the street and into your...

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Toro 51621 UltraPlus Blower/Vac

Leaves, Leaves and Leaves.  During the fall that is the only thing on my mind.  I love when the leaves change colors, but hate having to rake and bag them.  There are a lot of products on the market that can help with the clean up and today we are talking about one of them, the Toro Ultraplus Blower/Vac 51621. Yes, this is a 3 in one machine.  The Toro blows, sucks and bags your yard material.  During this fall I had a chance to use the machine and have to say it does a great job.  I really don’t...

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Ridgid Gen5 18V Jobsite Blower

Not too long ago Ridgid announced another cool tool for their Gen5 platform, the Job site blower.  This blower is powered by their 18V batteries and the model number is R860430B.  A lot of companies are coming out with job site blowers, so there are many to choose from. The Ridgid is a little different as they claim it’s a compact blower, which now after seeing, it does appear to be one of the smallest 18V blowers on the market.  As you can see by the picture, it does have a different or rather unique handle design, which turns...

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Makita XBU02 Blower

We had a chance to test and try out the Makita 36V string trimmer, but if your serious about Outdoor Power Equipment, how can you avoid talking about a blower.  I know there isn’t much to a blower, but wanted to give a you a quick rundown of the new Makita 36 Blower model XBU02.  As I noted earlier, this is a 36V blower which is powered by two 18V Makita batteries.  The first thing I really liked about this blower was the batteries fit directly into the blower.  In the past you needed an adapter, which is no...

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