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Raven MPV-7100 Hybrid Lawn Mower Generator – 10 Hour Review

The Raven MPV-7100 has me hooked.  I don’t know what it is but everyone that sees it wants to stop and talk about it.  Whenever I let people drive it, they come back with a smile on their face.  I got to spend a lot of time with the Raven this week and even finally got to mow with it.  I was skeptical about the Ravens mowing capabilities, but after this weekend I am sold!  This is the most comfortable riding lawn tractor I have ever driven.    Through deep grass or brush the MPV-7100 didn’t even hiccup.  The...

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RAVEN MPV 7100 S Hybrid Generator Mower- 2.0

Last year the mower world was turned upside down with the arrival of the RAVEN MPV 710.  It was a first to market hybrid mower, generator and ATV.  Well it is not really an ATV but it does go 17 MPH in high gear and has ATV like styling  The MPV 710 was plagued with problems.  You can read about that here in our Raven MPV 710 Article.  An entirely new management team has taken over and they have produced the MPV-7100.  With over 200 improvements over the 710 the 7100 is an all new beast.  When we first...

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John Deere Gator 825i – All Work and Play

John Deere has been one of Americas top trusting brand names for as long as I can remember.  The brand stands for quality, reliability and innovation.  Grandparents tell their grandchildren stories that involve the family John Deere.  They last generations and are the backbone of American farmers.  The Gator has been around for many years.  Most people assoiate a JD gator as a five or six wheeled vehicle usually seen at footbal games or on golf courses.  The John Deere AMT was a 5 wheeled vehicle that ultimately led to the Gator in 1992.  Since then there has been...

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Lowes Raven Hybrid Mower- Down for Count

For the second time in as many months, Lowes has pulled the Raven from stores and  It seems that exactly what we thought would happen is happening.  The Chinese ATV roots (RATO) are showing through and there are a bunch of complaints racking up on websites about the units failing. Bad batteries, switches and one user in our comments even said the unit just took off on him!  A problem like that is the death of the machine and I am sure Lowes will not likely be bringing the unit back unless it has a major revision.  Another...

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Lowes Raven Hybrid Mower – First User Modifications Surface

Well we knew it wouldn’t be too long before people started customizing their Lowes Ravens. One of our readers Scott did some great mods to his Raven and sent in some pictures to share.  He did a great job and added some great craftsmanship to his Raven. Obviously any modifications you make to your Raven will likely void the warranty.  First he added a more aggressive  2″ bigger tire to the rear.   He noted that there was some adjustment that had to be made to the front deck leveling arms and that the clearance between the deck and...

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