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Kickstarter – Beware

I am a consumer just like you and I also don’t want to give away my good hard earned money to some scam or to fund someones mismanaged dream.  Kickstarter is a great idea, but unfortunately you can lose your money faster than Vegas. Potential failures like the Cole Bar Hammer and sketchy tools like the over-funded Knife Edge Phillips Bit loom at every click.  Looking at the Knife Edge Kickstarter comments quite a few people have been complaining that they haven’t received their bit yet and others claim that the guy wants an extra $8 to ship a second bit...

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SawStop Vs Bosch – The Battle Begins

First let me start by saying I can’t stand lawyers and bureaucrats.  They hamper progress and drain the economy dry.  Sawstop is famous for a saw blade mechanism that abruptly stops when it detects human flesh.  It is a great idea and I would love to have one.  However, they are insanely priced.  The tool manufacturers couldn’t justify the extra cost to add these to their products.  So the inventor being the super lawyer that he is decided to lobby the government.  He wanted to make his product mandatory on every saw sold. This would dramatically increase table saw prices...

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TIA Tool Predictions: 2015 Edition

As we say goodbye to 2014 we naturally wonder what 2015 holds for us. Will Russia’s economy completely fail? Who will emerge as the frontrunners for the 2016 Presidential election? Will the decline in oil prices trigger serious consequences in other world markets? I have no idea about any of that crap, so you’ll need to ask Rush Limbaugh, Chris Matthews, or whoever else you like to take your lies and distorted truths from about that. Here at TIA we know about tools, so I asked each of our 5 Staff members to give a couple predictions of tools...

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Why I love My Local Home Depot

This years Black Friday sales kinda sucked all across the board.  I didn’t buy anything, the deals just did not justify me going out.  So yesterday I came across a deal from Lowes on a NEST thermostat for $199 which is normally $250.  It was the last day of the sale.  I could order it and wait 10 days for it to be delivered to a Lowes store.  But I couldn’t get it shipped directly to my house. So I called my local Lowes, and they said they have it in stock for $199. Within 10 minutes I was...

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10 Hand Tool Brands That Don’t Get The Love They Deserve

Marketing has taken over the world. Over the years companies have found a way to squeeze advertising into virtually every aspect of our lives. In the United States alone there is something like $120 Billion dollars spent each year just on TV and Internet advertising. That’s a staggering number, one that it’s hard to believe exists outside the National Debt, and at this point you’re probably trying to wrap your head around just how much that really is. Let me help you out. Of the 186 Countries who’s GDP’s (Gross Domestic Product’s) the International Monetary Fund tracks, that’s more...

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