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Milwaukee Hardline Knife – Cold Hard Steel

Have you ever heard of the saying, “Don’t question something good because it might go away?” Don’t feel bad, I haven’t heard that one either. In fact, I just made that up to prove a point. So what’s my point? I guess I am saying I am not sure why Milwaukee is hitting the knife market, but I don’t want to question it because all the knives we have tried have been awesome. They have a fastback knife, the insulation knife and other Milwaukee Knives. However today we are going to cover a new knife from Milwaukee called the...

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Wiss Knife WKFP1

I am not sure what it is, but for some reason I love knives.  I really can’t say I know a ton about them compared to some of the guys I have met over the years.  When it comes to power tools, you pretty much know what you’re getting when you buy it.  However with knives, it’s a little different story.  You can spend a ton and get a great knife (Well sometimes you pay a lot and get junk).  There are other times you can get an inexpensive knife.  While some will surprise you on the quality, you...

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Milwaukee New Knives

Milwaukee announced the addition of 4 new knives.  Now I don’t know about you, but I love knives.  I am not exactly sure why since I don’t hunt and I am not in knife fighting clubs. The one thing I know is that knives can make your life a heck of a lot easier and that is what Milwaukee set out to do with these new knives.  I am not sure which knife to start out talking about because they are all cool. Milwaukee Fastback Camo Knife – Model 48-22-1996 Probably my favorite knife.  Not because it’s a Fastback...

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Jeep H07 Multi-function Outdoor Knife with Multi-tool Pliers & Adjustable Wrench

Jeeps used to be pretty cool until 1987 when Chrysler bought them and put square headlights along the Chrysler curse on them.  I had a 1980 CJ-7 it was the most awesome vehicle I have ever owned.  Just because it says Jeep doesn’t mean that it is a quality product ,however we came across this Jeep branded multi tool.  This neat little tool includes pliers, screwdrivers, a knife and an adjustable wrench. Check it out over at...

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That’s Not a Knife – this is a Knife – CRKT2125KV

I am a huge fan of knives and Dan isn’t so much.  He tends to cut himself a lot, so I try to keep them away from him.  Especially the CRKT 2125KV, this is one bad a** knife.  From the tip to the end, this screams quality and don’t mess with me. The handle has over 70 triangular grip segments which means it gives more control and allows mud and water to drain away from the handle.  The contour of the handle does feel great in your hand and I have average size hands.  The blade is 1.4116 stainless...

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