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Kraftwerk – Handheld Generator

If the Kraftwerk is anything like they describe on their website the battery industry is about to be changed forever.  It is a handheld power unit that runs off butane and charges things like your Phone eleven times on one filling. This sounds all good and dandy, but I have many questions!  Does it get warm? Will it blow up if dropped?  Are there smells? This technology mixed with tools could be an interesting combination.  It hasn’t been field tested yet, I have my fingers crossed though. Check out the Kraftwerk over at Kickstarter....

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The Battery Adapter – Greatest Tool Invention Ever – Maybe!

Who needs a tool warranty right?  I mean come on, we all put tuners on our vehicles to get that extra horsepower out of them while voiding the warranty.  This beta product looks to change the tool industry forever.  Imagine if you had all DeWALT batteries and want to use an other brands tool or vise versa.  Having multiple batteries and chargers is a pain in the rear end and most of the time it drives your buying decision. Pro users tend to stick with the same battery platform. This video shows 14.4 Snap-On glue gun used with a...

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The COFFEEBOXX – Job Site Java

Leave it to a Kickstarter project to come it with a great idea for the job site!  The OXX COFFEEBOX is the words toughest coffee maker.  The 11b box can be thrown around or even run over by a truck thanks to a crush proof design.  It is water, rust  and dust proof. Personally I am not a coffee guy but the COFFEEBOX can be used a separate on-demand water system.  So I can use it for hot chocolate, tea, ramen noodles or even oatmeal.  Best of all it uses K-Cup packs.  I was thinking about getting a Keurig but now...

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Lisle Idea Program

So you’re working in your garage one day having trouble with a particular task and you say to yourself “Man, wouldn’t it be nice if someone made ________”. A lot of times someone does make it. Other times not. If I had a dollar for everything I thought of that showed up a few years later I’d be rich, but inventing stuff isn’t exactly an easy thing to do. The process of patenting ideas and getting them produced, distributed, etc., is usually too complicated for the average guy and often intimidates potential inventors from ever getting their project off...

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Another Tool Pen – Kickstarter

You can pretty much gage how successful a Kickstarter product will be by how many backers and how much $$ is raised.  The Tool Pen people only wanted $7k but are at well over $100k with 36 days left to go.  The tool pen is not cheap, it is $35+ unlike the $20 Monteverde tool pen we showed you last week. Unlike the Monteverde, the tool pen is basically just a screw driver.  The hex bits get pushed through, you remove the first bit and push it through on the back . The tool itself is made from aluminum...

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