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Stanley FatMax Professional-Grade Water and Garden Hose

Need a good hose?  No need to look anymore the Stanley FatMax water hose is a high quality industrial grade hose that is great for the garden or the shop.  It has a 500 PSI burst strength.  That is about 10 times the PSI of the typical neighborhood water system.  It is made with Polyfusion and Anti Kink technology.  Nothing is worse than when you pull on your hose and a kink develops,  not with the FatMax.  This hose is designed to be left out in the sun and not degrade, it will take any abuse you throw at...

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Nelson Leak Free Hose System – Marketing Magic

I don’t like to rip on products, but I am a consumer just like you.  We have to keep it real, so this is my experience with the Nelson Leak Free hose system starter kit.  It comes with a 50 foot hose, 2 Leak Free connectors (one that has a ball to stop the flow when disconnected and one that is free flowing).  It also comes with a Leak Free spray nozzle.  Now me being the consumer, I would assume that at no point would I be getting wet while using this system.  This was not the case, the only...

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Worx Aerocart Review – WG050

As Stu once said, “push it, pull it, tow it.”  I guess you would only get that commercial if you lived in Chicago.   It was one of those commercials that just stuck in your head because you heard it for so many years.  Anyways, when I first saw the Aerocart by Worx, that saying was the first thing I thought of.  If you’re not familiar with the Aerocart system, it’s a pretty cool spin on a wheel barrow and hand truck all in one. The Aerocart is an 8-in-1 all purpose lifter and carrier.  According to Worx the...

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Pocket Hose Review

I am sure by now you have seen or heard of the Pocket Hose.  The infomercial is on all the time, plus you can see them on just about any end cap of any store.  If you’re not familiar with this hose here is a quick run down.  You can buy these hoses in 25′, 50′, 75′ and 100′ lengths.  The concept behind the hose is they are not as heavy as a traditional rubber garden hose, plus they expand and shrink for easier storage and use.  All you have to do is hook the hose up to your...

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Super Charge your Hose With The Amplifi Hose Powering System

  How many times have you been cleaning with your garden hose and wished you had a little more reach?  or a little more power?  Well Briggs and Stratton were thinking the same thing.  Think of the Amplifi as the medium between a garden hose and pressure washer, three times the pressure, 4.5 times the force and two times more flow.  According to Briggs and Stratton it is the first product of its kind that Amplifies your water pressure and stores your hose. The unit is made out of ABS plastic and designed to store a 75′ hose on...

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