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Ring Doorbell Pro – The Home Depot

Aaahhh, the Ring Doorbell.  We have all seen the commercial or know someone who has one.  However if you are not familiar with this system, it’s pretty cool.  It’s basically caller ID for the doorbell.  Remember the days you just had to pick up your phone and never knew who was on the other line?  It always seemed to be a sales person.  Then caller ID came out and our lives and time were saved.  Well the Ring doorbell is exactly the same, but with a twist.  Once someone rings your doorbell, you don’t have to guess who is...

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Loftek LED Floodlight – 50W RGB Timing LED Security Floodlight

Over the past couple of years, we have done a couple wild lighting products.  We have shown you the Cube and the wireless LED color light bulb.  As a side note, we still use the cube all the time.  It’s great around the holidays or just chilling out.  So today, we thought we would show you another lighting product that is also on Amazon.  Today we are talking about the Loftek LED Floodlight. This isn’t just any floodlight, it’s a floodlight you can control the colors with a remote. So what makes this floodlight so special?  Simple, it’s a...

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WION – Home Control at Your Fingertips

I am going to be honest with you.  I have had this system for a couple of weeks and was dreading setting it up.  I am not too much of a technology geek and really didn’t feel like spending a couple of hours setting it up and learning all about it. However since we wanted to show you this system, I had to take the dive and try it out.  All I can say is it’s one of those items you look at and giggle to yourself and wonder what the big deal was.  From the time I opened...

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Black & Decker Smart Stand XL – Making Christmas Easier

Let me paint you a picture.  We all know that Christmas is a wonderful and joyful time of year.  I am lucky because I have the best wife in the world.  She pretty much does everything.  She shops for all the presents, decorates the house, the tree, bakes and even goes out and buys the tree.  My only responsibility is to cut the bottom of the tree and put it in the stand.  Simple enough, right?  Well as simple as it sounds, for some reason it turns into a pain.  I cut the tree and bring it into the...

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Canary Security Camera Review

I tend to search Amazon and The Home Depot online a lot.  I am not sure why, maybe it’s just a sickness I have.  I tend to find weird and wild things, but I usually don’t post about them.  I try to stay with practical items that could be useful.  However I am making a pretty crazy list of weird things I found online together that I will be putting out in the next month or two.   On The Home Depot online I came across a product called the Canary security camera.  Then it dawned on me, we...

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