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2016 Tools in Action Power Tool Awards

Every year Tools In Action gives awards to the best products we have tested, products that really stood out. Our awards are 100% free and we do not charge an entry fee. In-fact the companies don’t even know they are getting an award until we tell them. Some of you may not see your favorite brand here because we didn’t test them. We cannot give an award to a product we haven’t tested or is not on the market yet. Awards are picked by our editors with the help of tradesman and contractors that we work with. This year...

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Vote Now Before It’s Too Late – User Choice Awards

Would you like to get your voice heard?  Now is your time to vote for your favorite tools of 2016.  Each and every year we come out with our own awards, TIA Awards.  While we will still have these awards, we thought it would be cool if everyone else can have their input.  After all, Tools in Action is about the community.  We want to hear your input. We created a very in-depth survey where you can vote on a wide variety of tools and what you think is the best.  We tried to include as many categories and...

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Tools In Action 2015 Tool Awards – The Best of the Best

Once a year we like to give credit to the best products that we have tested.  There is no entry fee for our awards. They are judged by the editors of Tools In Action and professional contractors that we closely work with. We take into account value, performance, quality, ergonomics and innovation.  In full disclosure some of the companies that have won a TIA award have or do advertise with us.  However that is not a factor for being chosen.   Best 18/20V Line – Milwaukee M18 The ever-expanding M18 line has been growing like wildfire.  This year Milwaukee...

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Tool Awards – The Best of 2014

The Tools In Action Tool Awards are given to products that really stood out this year.  Products that are innovative and the overall the best in its class.  Our awards are not bought, manufacturers have no say on who gets an award.  There is no fee whatsoever for these awards.  They are picked by the editors of Tools In Action.  Be sure to watch our YouTube channel all week because we are giving tons of tools away. Best Power Tool Brand – DeWALT This was a tough one to decide.  DeWALT may not produce at a the speed of...

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2014 Viewers Choice for Best Hand Tool Brand – Cast your Vote

Awards week starts December 22nd.  Everyday we will be giving tools away and someone wins the Ultimate Toolbar Giveaway on December 25th.  Take the time to vote for your favorite hand tool brand. Use the boxes below to pick your favorite brand.  Apart from the readers choice the other winners are selected by Dan, Eric and the Pros that we work with.  Our tool awards are not bought and the tool manufactures have no say.  The awards are based on innovation, quality and the ability for the tool to get the job done.  We stand behind each product that...

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