Arctic Cove Fan Misters – Make your summer cooler

I came across something cool that will be release at Home Depot this spring.  The Arctic Cove Fan Misters.  This is cool and I wanted to show you the fan mister that goes on a bucket.  Basically it looks like a fan on a bucket or water.  Actually that is all it is, yet I am amazed.  This looks like an economical way to cool down the job site.  The fan is cordless and has it's own battery and charger but you can also use RYOBI batteries.

  • Cordless/portable misting fan powered by an 18V Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Designed to fit on most 5 gallon buckets
  • Includes 18V Lithium-Ion Battery for up to two hours of continuous run-time*
  • Compatible with RYOBI ONE+
  • Dual Purpose Foot Design For Sitting on a bucket or to use on a flat surface with garden hose(built-in adapter included
  • 1.3 Amp Lithium Battery & 6 Hour Charger included
  • For up to 7 hours of run-time, use RYOBI Lithium-Ion 4.0 Ah battery

WARRANTY:                     1 Year

LAUNCH DATE:                March 2014

PRICE:                               $99.97 at The Home Depot


  1. Evaporative cooling tends to only work well in areas with low humidity. If your in an area with high humidity its just going to make it feel worse unless you dump a bag of ice in the bucket with the water, and even still your going to still feel nasty and sticky. This is great for people out west though.

  2. I remember when I was a kid we would go and visit my Grandmother she would have a fan blowing over a block of ice. That was 50 years ago I guess things will always come back around in one way or another.

  3. That looks awesome, I will buy one for personal use and also bring it to work with me at the firehouse for those hot days in Myrtle Beach when we are stuck on scene for a long time. Do you think it would hold up to that kind of use at the Fire Dept?

    • I was a fire fighter for a number of years and I know my guys would bust this thing right away. We are rough on Everything. It amazes me that so many of us are carpenters.

  4. Dang! This thing is cool. What a perfect way to keep cool while doing yard work or grilling out on a hot summer day. The only problem from stopping me will be if this unit does not come with a charger as well. I’m not a big Ryobi fan & will not invest in a charger. Well, I say that now, but will see if I stick to it. This one is really cool & thanks for bringing it to our attention. The possibilities are endless of places to use this unit. Laters TIA

  5. Jason Colombo’s comment of March 26, 2014, about this mister concerns me. I live in MS where the humidity is very high in the summer. I was seriously considering getting a couple of these for the pool area, but am having second thoughts now.


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