Would you like to get your voice heard?  Now is your time to vote for your favorite tools of 2016.  Each and every year we come out with our own awards, TIA Awards.  While we will still have these awards, we thought it would be cool if everyone else can have their input.  After all, Tools in Action is about the community.  We want to hear your input.

We created a very in-depth survey where you can vote on a wide variety of tools and what you think is the best.  We tried to include as many categories and tools as possible, but as you know the tool world is huge, so I am sure there are some we left out. This was a huge undertaking and would like to give a special thanks to the TIA Crew for all their help.

A huge thanks to JimboS1ice.  He took a ton of time and set up the awards with doing a ton of research, adding categories and adding tools.  Without him, these awards would not have been ready this year.

We would also like to give thanks to the following people for their active role in helping with the awards:  JMG, Caterpillar, Kruton, Bigmikez, BMack37 and KnarlyCarl.  If we forgot to give any thanks, we are sorry.  I know a ton of work went into this.

The whole voting process will take about 20 minutes to complete, so make sure you have some time on your hands. Get your voices heard.  Click below to get started.


Tools in Action User Choice Awards