It’s that time of year where we come out with gift guides for the holiday season.  We are not alone with these gift guides as a bunch of publications across the internet release different gift guides.  As you know, some gift guides are paid sponsorships by a manufacturer or marketing agency.  While it’s a way to make some extra money for the publication, there is a slight problem. Everyone makes out except you, the readers.  Our gift guides are not paid.  While we do make money on affiliates for some of the products, these are all products we think would make great gift ideas.

Over the next couple of days, we will be releasing different gift guides.  Today’s gift guide is the Tool Gift Guide Edition.  We understand everyone has different budgets, so we tried to come up with cool ideas that are inexpensive to expensive.  If you have any cool ideas, leave a comment below as we always like to see what other people think.



Retail Price – $1,499.00

Save your finger with the Bosch REAXX.  While flesh detection technology has been out a while, Bosch perfected the system. Instead of having to replace an expensive saw blade and braking system, the Bosch REAXX is a little different.  If you trigger the saw, you just flip a cartridge and you’re good to go.

Milwaukee Vacuum

Retail Price – $99.00

Clean-ups are a snap with the Milwaukee Vacuum.  You can use this vacuum in tight areas or use the wand and clean your floors.  This vacuum is powerful and runs off the M18 platform.

Makita LXT Compact Kit

Retail Price – $229.00

Looking for a sub-compact drill/driver and impact?  The Makita is one of the lightest and smallest kits available.  Don’t let the size fool you as this packs a powerful punch with the 18V battery.  A great addition to their huge 18V line up.

Ridgid GEN5X Combo Kit

Retail Price – $399.00

Ridgid tools have won a lot of our tool fights.  Now is your chance to get into their platform.  This kit is a 5 piece kit and comes with all the major tools you need to get a tool arsenal started.  If you are going to get into their kit, check out their promotion page as they have some FREE tool offers.

Bosch Green Laser

Retail Price – $269.00

See your lines in green with the Bosch GLL 100 G cross-line laser.  Self-leveling, easy to use and very accurate.  A great addition to anyone’s tool arsenal.

Milwaukee Drywall Screw Gun

Retail Price – $229.00

Not everyone needs a screw gun, but if you’re in the market, the Milwaukee is one of the top.  The gun runs on their huge M18 battery platform and has a ton of options to make your life easier.

Dewalt Flexvolt Miter Saw

Retail Price – $699.00

The one and only miter saw you should own.  This isn’t just the top of the line miter saw, it’s the top of the line cordless miter saw.  You can run this off your 110 outlets or off the Flexvolt battery platform.

Hilti 12V Kit

Retail Price – $250.00

From one of the most trusted manufacturers in the power tool world, the Hilti 3 piece, 12V combo set is a steal.  You get a drill, impact and screw gun, not to mention 2 batteries, a bag and a charger for only $250.  Not a bad deal or gift idea.

Milwaukee Surge

Retail Price – $249.00

No more noisy impacts in your world.  Milwaukee developed a quiet impact driver that has plenty of power for the most common jobs.  A great addition to any Milwaukee brand fan.

Bosch StarlockPlus

Retail Price – $199.00

My favorite corded oscillating tool on the market.  Low vibrations and easy blade change.  Really, what else would you want from an oscillating tool?  Check out the Bosch GOP40-30C StarlockPlus.

Ryobi Combo Kit

Retail Price – $119.00

Get into the Ryobi tool line for a little bit over $100.  Ryobi makes a ton of tools for their 18V line up and you can buy these tools at any Home Depot.  Great for homeowners.  A quality tool that doesn’t break the bank.  This is a four piece Ryobi combo set for $119.  If you are getting into their line, check out their promotions.  They are offering some Free tools with certain purchases.

Southwire Voltage Tester

Retail Price – $22.99

Having a reliable voltage tester is crucial.  We love the Southwire voltage tester.  In fact, we love them so much, we have one for each hand.  Easy to use and very accurate.  The built-in flashlight is also handy.  Check out the Southwire 58292040 Non Contact Ac Voltage Tester With Flashlight

Klein Multimeter

Retail Price – $34.60

Easy to use, inexpensive and reliable.  What else could you ask for in a Multimeter?  This meter has an average of a 4.5 star rating, not too bad.  Check out the Klein Tools MM500 Auto Ranging Multimeter.

Black & Decker Smartech

Retail Price – $69.99

A great gift for any homeowner.  Lets the user connect their smartphone to the battery.  Not only can you lock and unlock the battery, but you can remotely find it.  Check out the Black & Decker Smartech Drill/Driver.

WORX Switchdriver

Retail Price – $86.99

A new way to think about drilling and driving.  The Worx Switchdriver has two different heads that lets the user switch on the fly.  Drill your hole, switch the head and fasten your screw.  It really can’t be any easier.  Check out the WORX Switchdriver.