Today is our third day for gift guides and we will be focusing on cool gift ideas for dads.  We have already created a gift guide for power tools and a guy’s gift guide.  We know a ton of our readers are dad’s, so we didn’t want to forget about you.  Now keep in mind, when I created the Dad’s Gift Guide Edition, I am also a dad of two boys.  So if you have a daughter or daughters, your gift ideas might be a little different.  We know everyone has different budgets, so when we created this gift guide, we tried to include a wide variety of gift ideas for everyone’s budget.  So let’s jump in and see what we came up with.  As always, we like hearing your feedback and your ideas about different gift ideas.  So leave a comment below with your thoughts and ideas.

Ryobi Inflator

Retail Price – $19.97

This is a must have for any dad who wants to save their lungs.  This is my most used tool, day in and day out.  My kids are always asking me to inflate a ball, raft, toy or some other item.  I don’t know how many times this has saved me from huffing and puffing.  You can pick this up at Home Depot or Online.  The bare tool retails for about $19.97.  If you are going to be buying more Ryobi tools, check out this link as you can get free tools.

Ryobi Inflator/Deflator

Retail Price – $39.98

This was the first inflator/deflator I owned.  If you go camping, this is a great one to have as it has a high-pressure mode to blow up inflatable beds or big rafts.  This has a higher retail of $39.98 compared to the Ryobi inflator.  You can pick this up at your local Home Depot or Online.  If you are going to be buying more Ryobi tools, check out this link as you can get free tools.

Ridgid Vacuum

Retail Price – $79.00

This is the perfect gift for dads.  He can use this to clean up after the kids.  I have the older version of this vacuum and use it to clean out my truck.  I also use it to clean up around the table when the kids are done eating.  You can pick this up at your local Home Depot or Online.  The Ridgid Vacuum retails for $79.00.  If you are planning on buying some Ridgid tools, check out their page as they have a special promotion going where you can get some Free Tools.

Ego Blower

Retail Price – $199.00

What dad wouldn’t want one of the best cordless blowers on the market?  Ego has set the bar high with their whole line of OPE products.  This blower isn’t any different.  530 CFM and 110 mph, the 56V blower is a must have for any dad.  If handheld isn’t your thing, they also offer a backpack blower.

Ego Snow Blower

Retail Price – $599.00

Ego launched their first 56v battery powered snow blower this year.  This looks to be the top battery powered snow blower on the market.  The snow blower throws snow up to 35′ and has a 21″ clearing path.  Variable speed auger control and 2 LED lights to shine up the night.  Check out the Ego Snow Blower.

Smokey Joe Grill

Retail Price – $29.99

I have this grill and have used the heck out of it.  I use it when we go camping or tailgating.  You can’t beat the taste of a charcoal grill.  Has over 900 reviews with an average 4.5 rating.  Check it out on Amazon.

Weber Gas Grill

Retail Price – $399.00

There are a ton of gas grills to pick from.  I own this grill and have to say it’s been good to me.  While I use my little smoke grill a lot, this is great for bigger orders or quick orders.  My kids love hot dogs, so this grill fires up fast and can get the dogs cooked in no time.  This grill has over 1,400 reviews with an average of 4.5 star rating.  Check it out on Amazon.

Cuisinart Grill Set

Retail Price – $29.86

As with all BBQ tools, there are so many to pick from.  Now I don’t own these, but hopefully, Santa will bring this set to me for Christmas.  In the past, I have bought cheaper sets, only for them to give out and break in no time.  This looks solid and with over 900 customer reviews and a 4.5 star rating, they seem like a winner.  Check them out on Amazon.


Retail Price – Varies

Milwaukee makes some cool looking and warm jackets that any dad would be proud to wear.  Personally, I like the Camo jackets, but I know not everyone wants that design.  You can check them out at your local Home Depot or Online.  They retail for about $150 for the bare jacket.  If you want a battery and charger, add an additional $50 onto the cost.  Personally, I don’t use the battery, but that is your call.

Fan Favorite Sweatshirt

Retail Price – Varies

Who wouldn’t want to sport their favorite sports team?  If you follow TIA, you know I am always wearing a hoodie.  I am a huge Cubs fan, so you probably see me wearing mine all the time.  I am extremely happy they won the World Series, but the problem is now all the hoodie prices are through the roof.  Hopefully, your dad likes a team that is down in the dumps and you can save some money.

Blaklader Belt

Retail Price – $36.47

One of the most comfortable belts I have ever worn.  As we get older our bellies get bigger.  Not sure why that happens, but I will think about it while I eat this bowl of ice cream.  You can probably find it cheaper somewhere else, but the problem is it’s hard to find local retailers who sell these belts.  Check it out on Amazon.

How To Brew Beer

Retail Price – $13.31

Who wouldn’t want to brew their own beer?  I was going to put a brewing kit as a gift, but there are so many to choose from.  I figure a good book would work.  That way your dad can snuggle up in front of the fire and learn about beer brewing techniques.  Check it out on Amazon.

Fizzics Beer System

Retail Price – $169.99

We had a chance to review this system and all I can say is I’m still reviewing it.  Well, at least that is what I tell my wife.  I have to say when I first saw this, I thought it was a gimmick.  Turns out, this thing really works.  So while your dad is snuggled in front of the fire learning how to brew his own beer, he can at least make his current beer taste great.  Check it out on Amazon.

Quiet Time

Retail Price – FREE

My favorite word, free.  What a great gift to give your dad, peace and quiet time.  Do I really need to explain this one to you?

Chillsner Beer Chiller

Retail Price – $21.95

My brother bought this for me last year and have to say, I love it.  This is great for the days you are working outside and it’s hot.  Instead of having a warm beer to sip on while you’re working, you can have a nice cold beer.  Over 700 reviews on Amazon and a 4 star rating.  Check it out the Chillsner.

Bass Pro/Cabelas Gift Card

Retail Price – Varies

Both of these stores are my favorite stores.  I love the clothing, outdoor section and everything else.  What dad wouldn’t want a gift card to the coolest store around?  Check out Cabelas.  Check out Bass Pro.  FYI, Bass Pro bought out Cabelas.