Well the day is finally here, the new line of Milwaukee OPE.  Pretty soon you can buy a Milwaukee Blower, Milwaukee String Trimmer and a Milwaukee Hedger.  However we still can’t tell you much about them (watch the videos and you will get this joke).  As you know Milwaukee Tools are designed for the professionals, so naturally these are going after the Dewalt line, Stihl Line of OPE and others.  While they will be available in The Home Depot, they are not really competing against EGO and some of the other newer brands to market.  So as much as I would love to go into the stats about these tools, this is still a hidden secret.  The one thing I can tell you is they do look and feel awesome.  Also knowing Milwaukee, these are going to have some insane run time and power.  As for power, we had a chance to use them and can say they do seem to fit the Milwaukee line of power, but once we get them in our hands and under our conditions, we will be better able to inform you.  For now, kick back and watch the videos below to learn more about the Milwaukee OPE tools.