Okay, in the title I say it may be the best stand, but right now I am taking a stand and saying this is hands down the best stand on the market.  While there are a ton of miter saw stands to choose from, it only seems like there are two types, either junk or pretty good.  The Bosch is by far my favorite stand for a couple of reasons.

I will go more into the stand, but the two main reasons this stand stands above the rest is first, it’s easy to open. When you open and close the stand, it doesn’t take a lot of effort.  The second reason is the ability to take the saw off the stand.  The stand comes with rapid release universal mounts that have a quick connect and disconnect allowing you to take the saw off the stand.  How many times have you struggled to get your saw in your truck or van?  I know I have, it’s a pain in the a**.  Now you can disconnect the saw from the stand, put it in your truck or van and then do the same thing with your stand.  It is much nicer moving smaller, lighter loads, than one big heavy, bulky load.

The stand doesn’t come assembled, so make sure you do take some time and set up the stand before your work day.  You will notice this stand has a strut bar attached and that is probably one of the reasons this stand is very stable.  Speaking of stability if you set up on uneven ground, you can adjust the feet to make the stand more stable.  There are integrated rubber wheels which makes moving it from place to place easy, even when trying to go over extension cords or other objects on the ground.

The stand has integrated supports that will support 18′ of material.  One cool thing on this stand is the pull out work stops.  If your’re cutting the same size every time, you can use these as a template and make sure your cut is precise every time.  Also you will notice all the red on this stand.  As with other Bosch products, when you see something red, this indicates that it is adjustable.

While we showed this with a Bosch miter saw, you can use this stand for pretty much any saw.  If you’re in the market for a miter stand, I would highly recommend this stand.  It’s tough, easy to set up and take down, plus loaded with a ton of features.

buyamazon1Bosch T4B Gravity-Rise Miter Saw Stand