DeWALT is giving some serious competition to it’s rival Milwaukee tool with five new tools dedicated to the Plumbing, Mechanical and Electrical trades.  The DCE200,DCE300,DCE350,DCE150 and the DCS350.  This has been a segment that Milwaukee has dominated the past few years with some recent competition from Makita.  The new tools will allow current DeWALT 20V users to now crimp, cut and press in trade specific applications.

Dewalt crimper

Dewalt crimp connect

They also have what they are calling “Crimp Connect”.  It will report the date, time, force, successful crimp cycles and calibration history.  From the picture it looks like it will integrate via a USB cable and not through their recently released Bluetooth batteries.


The crimpers have a 12-Ton crimping force, LED lights, shoulder strap and a rotatable 360 degree head.

20v Died Crimper

DCE300 – U-type Died Crimper features 270 degree pivoting head, 12 ton crimp force, LED light and shoulder strap.

Dewalt Dieless crimper Dewalt 20v Dieless crimper

DCE350 – Dieless Crimper features a 4 pusher design and can handle #8 – 750 MCM Cu/ 1000 MCM Al.  The head design allows you to crimp smaller cables without errors and the head rotates 270 degrees.

DCE150 – Cable Cutter cuts aluminum and copper up to 750 MCM Cu/1000 MCM Al.  The blade is user replaceable, so you don’t have to send it in for service when it dulls or gets damaged.

Plumbing and Mechanical

Dewalt press tool

DCE200 – This press tool will press 1/2 to 4 inch stainless and copper pipe.  It is compatible with a wide range of crimping heads depending on the task at hand.  For tight spaces the head rotates 320 degrees.

All 3 trades

Threaded rod cutter

DCS350 – This threaded rod cutter we actually saw last year at the 2015 DeWALT media event. The die can be rotated to allow you to cut 1/4″ and 3/8″ soft mild and stainless steel.  It will also do 1/2″ mild steel rods.  It is a very clean burr free cut.  It eliminates the hazards associated with traditional cutting technology like saws or grinders.

These tools accept the 20V max battery and have the same ergonomic grip we have come to expect from DeWALT.  We will know more about these tools when they are released in June. Check out for more info.