Over the recent years, Milwaukee Tool has been expanding into work wear.  Until Milwaukee got into this sector, it has been dominated by a couple large companies.  Now I am not knocking these companies, but they these companies have been lacking change and innovation.  Since Milwaukee has entered this sector, there has been a ton of new innovation and practical additions, such as heated jackets.  Well now Milwaukee brought to market a new set of gloves, their demolitions gloves, model 48-22-8733.

I have bought a ton of gloves of the years, only to realize my money was just wasted.  The biggest job that always wrecked my gloves were my roofing jobs.  After about ten minutes, I could always see the tips of my fingers.  Now I am not saying these are the best gloves ever because I really haven’t tried them out.  I am writing this for two reasons.  First I just wanted to let you know about these gloves and secondly, wanted to get your feedback.  If you have experience with them, let us know.  Leave a comment below, in our forum or on our YouTube video.  So just in case you haven’t heard about these gloves, here a little bit of information on them.

Since they are called demolition gloves, we would expect them to hold up and provide comfort.  Now as far as comfort, they seem like a pretty good fitting glove that is comfortable, so mission accomplished with that request.  The gloves even have a breathable lining.  As for durability, Milwaukee designed these with Armortex finger tips.  If your not familiar with Armotex, they make some tough stuff.  So I am happy that the finger tips are not only reinforced, but reinforced with a quality product, better than the traditional leather we see.  So what about innovation?  Smartphones are part of our everyday life and if you wear gloves there are only two things that can happen.  First you try to swipe of use your phone and you get a dirty screen or a scratch.  However we just find that most of the time, the phone won’t respond when we are wearing gloves.  Here is wear Milwaukee said enough is enough and made this gloves with their Smartswipe knuckle which allows the user to user their knuckle to use the phone.  Know your not going to be able to write a love letter to your girl, but its good enough and easy enough to make a call or answer a call.  Plus the knuckle is usually the part of the glove that isn’t the dirtiest part, so win win.

Here is another cool feature to this glove.  How many times have you been walking around the jobsite and see guys with huge streaks across their forehead.  While the first couple of times it was funny to see, you then realized you were one of those guys also.  So yep you guested it, Milwaukee did something about this also.  There is a built in terry cloth sweat wipe.  So right above your thumb, there is a terry cloth to help wipe sweat away.  Now I am not saying you won’t have this streak across your head, but at least you will be able to keep the sweat off your forehead and out of your eyes.  Each glove even has  small red loop at the top that will aide in getting your gloves on.  Yes, even the knuckles are protected with a nice rubber padding.

Now again I am not saying these are the stop all gloves and the last pair you will ever own, but there was a lot of thought that went into these gloves.  You can tell these are not just some re-branded gloves with the Milwaukee name on them.  You can tell that people at Milwaukee took their time, did their research, talked with contractors and solved a problem.  Nice Job!