Just when you thought you could give your wallet a rest, Bam, not a chance.  Milwaukee Tool is at it again with two new storage organizers.  The Milwaukee Bucket and Parachute organizers.  We all know how important it is to be able to find your tools when you need them.  What happens when you can’t find your tool?  Right, you swear and then think someone ran off with it.  After you run around the job cursing everyone out and then calm down to get back to work, you realize the tool you were looking for was at the bottom of the bag.  Of course you don’t tell anyone you found it, you just go about your business hoping no one will notice.  Well no longer will you have to spend time cursing and thinking of ways to get back at your co-workers.  Now you can spend more time doing what you’re paid to do, get things done.  Now Milwaukee Tool is going to make your life a little easier with the expansion of their Bucket and Parachute organizers.  These should be available in April 2016 and will retail for $19.99 (Parachute Organizer) and $24.99 (Bucket Organizer)

Milwaukee Tool – Parachute Organizer

milwaukee parachute

Parachute Organizer Bag

The new Milwaukee Tool parachute bag is not only going to provide a way for you to better organize your fasteners, it will also take care of three common problems with these organizers.  First, this organizer will be stackable.  What was once thought an impossible mission, is now possible.  Yes, you can stack these and carry them all without having to fumble around or drop everything all over the floor.  Number two, it stands up and stays open, which means accessing the contents inside is no longer a chore.  Number 3, they are durable, well at least that is what they told me.  These are made of a water resistant, reinforced base which also prevents the bag from water damage and allows it to stand up at all times, for easy access and visibility.


Milwaukee Tool – Bucket Organizer

milwaukee bucket

Bucket Organizer Wrap

I get it, you’re not a parachute type of guy, you just need a nice way to organize your tools and be able to take them from place to place.  Well Milwaukee Tool has you covered also with their new bucket organizer.  The organizer is constructed of 1680 ballistic material, which is perfect if you live in Chicago and will probably get in a gun fight.  For everyone else, this means this organizer is highly durable and you count on a long life of this organizer.  Get this, the organizer has 30 pockets for hand tools, perfect for the obsessive compulsive people, such as myself. You even get a bucket handle for added grip.   Integrated zipper pockets along the wrap provide easy storage for larger sized tools (such as batteries) and loose accessories.  The bucket organizer wrap fits entirely around the outside of the bucket, freeing the space inside the bucket and allowing bucket lids to be used.  Looks like Milwaukee has every angle covered with this bucket organizer.  The only thing they are missing is a toilet paper holder for those times when the port a potty is occupied.