Have no fear of tight spaces, the Milwaukee M12 1/4″ Hex Right Angle Impact driver will save the day.  Yes believe it or not, Milwaukee has a new tool out and the model number is 2467.  You can get this as a bare kit or with a battery.  So let’s jump in and talk about why you are here.

Hence the name and as you can see by the picture, this tool is designed for those tight jobs.  You know the ones, the one where you swear and swear because the fastener is in sight, but you don’t have a tool.  Well now Milwaukee solved your problem.  Not only did they design a tool for tight spots, but it also has some power to tighten or loosen those stubborn fasteners.  This small M12 tool produces 600 in-lbs of torque with a variable speed trigger that is from 0-2,425 rpms.  Worried about ipm?  This tool produces 0-3,300 ipm’s.  I have to say with the paddle switch and the variable speed, it’s pretty easy to control your speed, which as you know is key in certain applications.  The tool has a 1.4″ head diameter and has the ability to use most 1″ insert bits.  So don’t worry, you don’t have to invest in any new accessories.

As you can see by the design of the tool and also the paddle switch, the user can use this tool in many different positions to get out fasteners.  The tool weighs about 2.17 lbs, so definitely not a heavy tool that will take a toll on your forearms.  As with the other Milwaukee tools, this comes with a 5 year warranty and 2 years on the battery.

All in all this is a great tool for those people who deal with hard to reach places such as a mechanic, electrician or even an HVAC guy.  I like the metal head because you know that this part of the tool will get banged around a lot and take most of the abuse.