Yes, it has been a while since I have posted an article “Found in the Forum.”  Sorry it has taken so long, I have no excuse.  I could be like Dan and come up with 50 different excuses, but I won’t.  If you’re not familiar with our power tool forum, go check it out.

I would like to start off by wishing some of the new members a welcome to the forum.  I know I forgot a lot of people, so sorry about that.  If you are new to the forum, don’t forget to introduce yourself.

  • welshcommander – From Whales UK
  • jimboslice – South Burbs of Chicago – Don’t worry, he is a Cubs fan.
  • scottyhainey – From Scotland UK
  • Tony j – Florida
  • Petro0311 – Massachusetts
  • xcessivevolts – Vegas
  • dritzy Indiana (Krutons brother in law)
  • Downshftking – California
  • Freiberg1 – Colorado
  • hemdale – France
  • motoman1012002 – Tennessee
  • DaveJr. – Mystery

Like I said I forgot a whole bunch of people, but I will let you go over to the forum and introduce yourself.

Username – Marcv76
Post Type – Makita
Link to Post – New Makita 36v Vacuums

Username – Bigmikez
Post Type – Pub Talk
Link to Post – What did the crew get this BF?


Pass, Shoot, Score.  What did you get on Black Friday?





Username – EEtwidget
Post Type – Around the House
Link to Post – This Old Cabin


Poor EETwidget, I feel bad for him.  He has to buy his wife a car (see post down the page) and fix his mother-in-laws cabin.  Can any of us just get a break once in a while and let us watch a football game?




Username – stainlessstroker95
Post Type – Around the House
Link to Post – A couple bathroom projects


Nice looking door.  Like the design and the color.





Username – 99_XC600
Post Type – Around the House
Link to Post – Sun-room rehab. I got a little carried away today.


It’s Saturday morning, I am going to get up and watch some college football.  Oh wait, what’s that on the floor?  Guess I won’t be sitting on the couch drinking a beer and getting pretzel crumbs all over me.  Talk about going from a zero to a hero day.  Check out all the pictures he posted, pretty impressive.



Username – comp56
Post Type – In the Shop
Link to Post – Laminating Table With Bonus Storage.

Glue Table

This is a cool idea.  Love the storage, but smart idea with the Angle Irons.  Check out the post to see the rest of the table




Username – comp56
Post Type – Woodworking
Link to Post – Takin It To The Road


This is just one of three different things he built.  All very cool, I am sure his wife made some good money at the sale.  Check out the post for the other stuff.





Username – comp56
Post Type – Woodworking
Link to Post – Pepsi Cola Shelf


Yes, this is the third in a row for Comp56.  What can I say, this guy has talent.  I am just waiting for him to open his shop so I can buy something from him.





Username – comp56
Post Type – Woodworking
Link to Post – Making of a Bowl/Dish/Basket with a Band Saw…..Wait What?…..


I am speechless.  All I can say is that I should have titled this post the comp56.  Seriously, I only posted some of the stuff he has done.  There is a ton of extremely cool things he has created.  You have to go check him out for yourself.




Username – LastOfTheVee8s
Post Type – Wood working
Link to Post – Pallet planter


This is classic.  I love the look.  I would love to build something like this.





Username – EEtwidget
Post Type – Automotive
Link to Post – 1st Gen 4runner


Sweet find, but his wife was smart and got something out of the deal also.





What are your thoughts on these subjects?

This is a new section I am going to include with found in the forum.  These are more discussions below, so let people hear your opinion.

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Post Title – Dewalt storage downfalls

Username – jackfinzo
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Post Title – Skilsaw Wormdrive

Username – Trim guy
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Username – Craigh9916
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