Milwaukee is introducing 5 new pliers to their large hand tool line.  The pliers are designed for specific trades and will be Crimping Pliers, Fencing Pliers, Ironworker’s Pliers, 7” Nipping Pliers, and PVC/Oil Filter Pliers.

Crimping Pliers (48-22-6103) – Launching October 2015

Retail – $24.99

The Crimping Pliers feature a cutter at the tip for more efficient access into electrical boxes, and have the ability to crimp both insulated and non-insulated wire during the install of stranded wire connections. A patent-pending reaming head design also allows for quicker deburring of EMT.


Fencing Pliers (48-22-6410) – Launching November 2015

Retail – $24.99

The multi-purpose Fencing Pliers offer maximum versatility with its 6 integrated capabilities: staple puller and pincher, gripping wire, wire cutter, wire puller, and hammer.


Ironworker’s Pliers (48-22-6102) – Launching November 2015

Retail $29.99

The Ironworker’s Pliers are designed with an angled handle for better leverage while twisting rebar.


7” Nipping Pliers (48-22-6407) – Launching November 2015

Retail $19.99

The smooth head of the new 7” Nipping Pliers will not mar finished surfaces during pulling and prying.


PVC/Oil Filter Pliers (48-22-6312) – Launching November 2015

Retail – $17.99

PVC/Oil Filter Pliers feature a versatile 3.5” jaw capacity in a compact 9” size, offering a solution for multiple plumbing and automotive applications.