Everyone is trying to find new ways to help keep you up and running and being productive.  Well Milwaukee just came out with their new Rapid Charger – 48-59-1808.  The new charger will charge both your M12 and M18 existing batteries up to 40% faster than their traditional chargers.  As you can see by the picture, you can charge 1-M12 and 1-M18 battery on the charge.  One question you’re probably asking right now is does it charge them at the same time or sequentially?  Well I wish I could say it charges both at the same time, but it does charge them sequentially which means it will charge one battery at a time.  Once a battery is fully charged, it will then move onto the next battery and charge that.  Basically it’s first in, first charge approach.

As with their other chargers, this charger features Redlink which means it communicates with your battery to monitor cell voltage, temperature and charging status.  All this means you can count on a longer battery life.

If you are invested in the Milwaukee line, this is a great update to your line as it helps prevent downtime by charging your batteries quicker.