We have been doing a lot of Periscope lately and a subject about supporting Tools in Action came up.  But before I go there, if you haven’t checked out Periscope, take a couple minutes and download it to your phone and connect with us.  Sure we have some boring stuff on there, but it’s not about that.  It’s about hanging out with the TIA crew people all in one place.  I have to say it’s a great way to share a laugh and meet some new people.

So back to the idea of supporting.  Someone brought up that we should start a Patreon page for Tools in Action and let people help support the Tools in Action community.  So we talked and decided to start a Patreon page, which can be found here:  http://patreon.com/toolsinaction.   We aren’t sure how it will turn out, but if you know us, we are pretty much up for anything.  We want to start producing better videos and get a couple cool cameras to get better footage, so here were are.  As always if you know of anyway to improve our Patreon or Tools in Action, send us an email at social@toolsinaction.com.  We would also like to thank everyone for your support over the years making this the best community.