Once again we are having another edition of “Found on the Forum”.  If your looking for valuable information, cool projects and just down to earth people, check out the forum.  Also don’t forget we are giving away a Bosch kit to forum members only, read more about the Bosch Giveaway. There is a lot of cool stuff on the forum and when I make this post sometimes I accidentally miss stuff when I am searching through the forum, so sorry in advance.

First I would like to say welcome to some of the new members who left shutouts and introduced themselves.

Username – rrich1
Post Type – Introduction and showing off some of his work
Link to Post – Cool Table, Chairs & Deck

I love the bench and table.  When I have time, this is what I want to make.  Check his post out, there are more pictures.

Username – regopit
Post Type – Current Project
Link to Post – Out of the Hole

He has been pretty busy lately doing an awesome addition


Username – torontotoolman
Post Type – Show Off
Link to Post – Looks like there may be a fight

Torontotoolman started with showing off his collection, Jack Tibbetts saw this and wasn’t about to to let this go, so he shows off his Black & Yellow, then YiKKiT came in and said wait, check this out.  Not sure which one is the best, I wouldn’t mind having any of those as a collection.

Username – 99_XC600
Post Type – My Toolbox
Link to Post – Nice set up

The Husky toolbox is awesome and he shows us a nice set up.  There is a lot more pictures on the forum.


Username – Turner85
Post Type – Show
Link to Post – Showing off the inside of his van

Looking good.  I wouldn’t want to put anything in here as I like the looks.








Username – kdv
Post Type – Show Your Work
Link to Post – Fixing Handrails

Username – torontotoolman
Post Type – Show Your Work
Link to Post – Sunday Project

What is a week project for most is just a Sunday project for some.

Username – 99_XC600
Post Type – Show Off Your Work
Link to Post – What Are You Doing Today

Not sure where he gets his energy from, but would like to have just 5% of it

Username – leandrorr2011
Post Type – Project
Link to Post – Wood Cart – Much better than Plastic