As you know we try and show off some of the stuff on the Power Tool Forum.  However there are so many cool things that people find and people share, we can’t show everything and sometimes we miss putting it in our article.  If there is something you thing is worth putting in these articles, send us an email or contact us on the forum.  As always we thank everyone for sharing and being part of the TIA Crew.

Username – rossi7x
Post Type – DIY Van Set Up
Link to Post – Van Layout

He customized his van and shares with TIA Readers.  Who wouldn’t want a van like this?  Nice job.  You found a way to be organized and efficient.  I am a little jealous, OK a lot jealous

Username – RickyMcGrath
Post Type – Cool Find
Link to Post – Prototype Table Saw Blade

Ricky found a cool post for easy drawers.  It’s a cool 10 minute video


Username – PeteW
Post Type – Show Project
Link to Post – Kitchen

Looks like a lot of work for this demo project.  Nice job

Username – Shade
Post Type – Cool Find
Link to Post – Decorating with old tools

The mind is a great thing







Username – C Harris
Post Type – Cool Buy
Link to Post – Pawn Shop

So pawn shops are more than just a TV show.  Harris found something pretty cool and for a good deal at his pawn shop.







Username – ChrisK1970
Post Type – Not a Festool
Link to Post – Let’s have some fun

This thing looks like some serious fun.  How cool would it be to cruise around on this?







Username – NicholasShetley
Post Type – Something Cool
Link to Post – Simple Check

A simple way to check for Ethanol.  Love this little trick.







Username – RickyMcGrath
Post Type – Cool Find
Link to Post – Dewalt Charging Station

Smart and clean way to build a charging station



Username – dano_uk
Post Type – What’s in Your Tough Box?
Link to Post –  Some Cool Stuff







Username – chewie17
Post Type – Organization for Spade Bits
Link to Post – Spade Bits

You see stuff like this and I feel bad for sitting on the couch.  I could really use this and looks like a fun build.








I am not sure if I posted this picture yet and I think this is from 77Ford01.  I have seen a lot of people share this and can’t find the original post.  I saw it again in a Milwaukee Tool Chest post and just had to share this.  How awesome is this.  Talk about the best set up.  Since I can’t have a set up like this, I did the next best thing and set it to my desktop wallpaper.







Username – RickyMcGrath
Post Type – The Table
Link to Post – Ricky’s Workbench


All I can say is he did a hell of a job.  Looks awesome Ricky