We have a new theme on TIA forum.  We looked into moving over to vbulletin, but it seems like it would be a pain in the a**, plus cost a lot of money.  As you can see the menu bar is now finally fixed.  On the top right, you will be able to view all your account information and mail.  Just below that you can see a new button called “view new content”  This will allow you to view the new content on the forum.  You will also notice next to each forum on the home page you will see either a white space or black box.  If there is a white space, there is new content.  If it has the black box, there is nothing new from the last time you where here.  You can also easily mark everything as read by clicking on the white space next to the forum name.

We finally have Tapatalk available on the forum.  If you have tapatalk installed, it will direct you to open the page in Tapatalk when you visit the forum.  If for some reason that is not working on your device, you can go down to the bottom and click on “full site”.  This will cause your mobile device to pop up a window and ask you to use tapatalk.  Don’t worry if you like the mobile site better, you can still use the site without tapatalk.  I am not sure on Android, but on IOS when I visit the forum for the very fist time, I just scroll to the very top of the forum once it loads and tapatalk is all ready there.

Sorry about the shaky directions, but it’s late and just wanted to let people know and get their feedback.  If you need something change or have a better idea, let us know.

We also changed and increased picture size limit.  Not sure the difference between a kb and mb, so not sure if it’s enough.  If you are having problems with file size, let me know and I can increase it

Check out the full information about this change Tools in Action Forum