Home Depot has the new M28 Fuel SDS drill with multiple options. It is available in a kit, bare tool, or a kit with built-in dust extraction. I guess we can no longer say the Milwaukee M28 lineup is stagnant. I was going to write an article about dead battery platforms and the M28 line was going to be part of it. I though like most people who Milwaukee was just going to concentrate on their M18 and M12 lines as we haven’t heard a peep from them about the future of M28 tools at any of their product symposiums.  This breathes new life into the M28 line.




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Just as a teaser I figured I would show some of the M28 tools that never made it here to the USA yet if ever. Milwaukee has a die grinder, barrel grip jigsaw, and the big one 5.0ah batteries that I know a bunch of people who still have M28 tools would love to have.