We are going to start something new here at TIA.  Every Friday I will post a good movie to watch for the weekend.  Leave comments below and tell us if you like this idea.  If there is no comments I will cry and this will be the last TIA weekend movie.

This weekend movie will be about the Boeing 747-8.  The 747 is one of the greatest airplanes of all time.  It changed the world more than any other jetliner.  In the late 60’s the French were working on the worlds first Supersonic commercial aircraft the Concorde. Boeing was betting on size instead of speed with the 747.  A double decker airliner of huge proportions that would make even Howard Hughes proud.

The 747 brought air travel costs down to the masses allowing anyone to fly for minimal cost.  Since the introduction of efficient twin wide body aircraft the 747 has slowly been losing orders.  The new twins are more efficient and cost less to maintain. There is some hope though, cargo airlines like the 747-8 because of its range, weight capacity and easy nose loading.  Ultra rich VIP and heads or state also like the 747-8 for its space, range and 4 engine redundancy.  Some people feel safer over the ocean with 4 engines instead of 2. I don’t blame them.  I love the 747 and this movie will show you all about it and how they built it.  This is America, it is what we do.  We build the best commercial aircraft on the planet.