Milwaukee has been busy over the last week with three new tools to their all ready large lineup.

Milwaukee Hammer TackerThe first tool is the new Hammer Tacker 48-22-1020.  The all metal frame promises to deliver up to 3x longer life than their competitor.  The frame is reinforced and rust resistant.  Not only is this tool protected from harsh weather environments, but it can take up to 10′ drops and keep on working.  Yes that’s all cool, but what I like best is the a metal flush drive surface allows the back of the Hammer Tacker to be used to seat staples, while an integrated staple puller eliminates the need to carry additional tools.  A jam-free magazine and overmolded non-slip grip provide ultimate utility and safety.

The all new hammer Tacker works with the following staple sizes:

  • T50 staple sizes:
    • 5/16”/ 8mm
    • 3/8” / 10mm
    • ½” / 12mm


Milwaukee Staple GunNext in the line up is the all new New Milwaukee Staple/Nail Gun 01-14-2015.  The new staple gun is said to deliver up to 75% more driving power. The staple gun is designed to work with T50 staples and 18 gauge brad nails.   As with the Hammer Tacker, this also has a built in nail puller.  From my understanding this staple gun will allow a user to shoot staples into OSB, but also be capable of using for more fragile or softer materials and still have control.

Towards the front of the tool, there is a window which allows the user to see their staple status.

Works with T50 staple sizes:

  • ¼”/ 6mm
  • 5/16” / 8mm
  • 3/8” / 10mm
  • ½” / 12mm
  • 9/16” / 14mm
  • 5/8” and ½” 18ga brad nails

Milwaukee Tape MeasureLast item on the new tool release is Milwaukee’s new Tape Measure.   I know your thinking what I was thinking, “didn’t they all ready release a tape measure in 2013?”.  Yes they did, but the new ones have a little twist to them.  The tape measures will have a wider base for more stability during layout applications. The new design is said to hold in place better and prevent roll offs.  This tape measure will also have a hook design which makes it easier if your scoring drywall.  The last change is the belt clip.  There is a new wire belt clip that reduced pocket tearing.

Below are the model numbers and release dates.

February 2015

  • 16’ Tape Measure (48-22-5516)
  • 25’ Tape Measure (48-22-5525)

No Date Announced

  • 30’ Tape Measure (48-22-5530)
  • 35’ Tape Measure (48-22-5535)
  • 5m Tape Measure (48-22-5705)
  • 5m/16ft Tape Measure (48-22-5616)
  • 8m Tape Measure (48-22-5708)
  • 8m/26ft Tape Measure (48-22-5625)
  • 10m Tape Measure (48-22-5710)