Ryobi has a new system that looks to replace the old TEK4 system of test and diagnostic tools. They have a pretty nice lineup which so far includes a laser level, moisture meter, inspection scope, laser distance measure, stud finder, infrared thermometer, laser pointer, and noise suppression earphones. The really cool thing is it’s all done through an app on your phone, and you just plug it in to your audio jack on you smartphone. I would have preferred Bluetooth but this is simpler is less of a hassle to deal with. I’m sure plenty of people have had frustration on truing to pair something between a Bluetooth item and their phone.  The inspection camera however uses WIFI to connect to the phone,

This is a big leap forward for Ryboi. No one else has really done integration into smartphones like this yet except for a few laser distance measures. I can’t wait to see Dan and Eric put these things into action when they are released.  You can get the free App here.  The are available on HomeDepot.com now and will be in store by Oct 21st.  Ryobi is   now game changing!

Ryobi Phone Works System

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