This winter Craftsman is launching some heated jackets on their 12V Nextec platform. Craftsman has kind of neglected their 12v platform have seemingly most of their development in their 18 volt C3 lineup of tools. I don’t think Sears has the market share to support two cordless platforms at the moment. Back to the Jackets, it’s pretty obvious they are based on the previous model of Milwaukee heated Jackets with Craftsman logos instead of Milwaukee. If you didn’t know TTI, Milwaukee Power Tool’s parent company is an OEM for some Craftsman tools, noticeably the Nextec and C3 cordless tools and some other corded tools. The jacket comes in two different colors, black and camouflage. I included their promotional video about the Jacket below.

Craftsman Heated Jacket Black $119.00

Craftsman Heated Jacket Camouflage $99.00

The jackets are sold as bare tools with out a battery they are not selling any jackets as a kit for now.

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